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# **Fashion Statement Necklaces for Spring 2008 Trends: How to Wear Them!**
Market editor, Sarah Casselman, showcases the must-have necklace styles for this season in this captivating video. Get ready to make a bold fashion statement with these accessory trends!

## **Accessorize with Confidence**
Discover the latest trends in statement necklaces for Spring 2008. From oversized pendants to natural elements, these neckpieces are sure to turn heads. Embrace the big, bold, and beautiful jewelry styles that dominated the runways.

### **Wood and Natural Elements**
Experience the allure of nature with necklaces featuring wood and natural elements. This Indian sari-inspired piece combines glamour and elegance. Tiffany and Company offer stunning statement necklaces with a combination of bold beads and silk cords, a current favorite among fashionistas. Find inspiration for this season’s necklace styles.

### **Pearls and Art Deco Inspiration**
For the traditionalists, pearls are back in style! This season, rock a chic bib collar with an Art Deco twist. Explore the infusion of colored stones for a touch of uniqueness in your accessories. Embrace the contrast between hard and soft by pairing it with airy, light outfits.

### **Florals and Sweet Bouquets**
Spring is all about blossoms! Add a touch of sweetness to your wardrobe with floral-inspired statement necklaces. Check out this delightful piece from Kumari’s in Yorkville. Let your necklace be a captivating bouquet around your neck.

### **Natural Shell Inspiration**
Get in touch with your inner beach goddess with natural shell-inspired necklaces and cuffs. This fabulous piece from Fabrice is a must-have for your summer wardrobe. The cobalt blue hue is a massive trend for the spring-summer season. Explore the beauty of nature in your accessories.

### **Multi-strand Marvels**
Achieve a sophisticated look with multi-strand statement necklaces. Lee Angel and Ben-Amun excel at this style by combining colored stones and natural elements. The toggle clasp adds a unique touch to elevate your accessory game. This is Editor’s Pick material.

### **Oversized Pendants and Marimekko Prints**
Make a statement with large, Art Deco-inspired oversized pendants. Marimekko prints are gaining momentum this season, and this necklace from Baile Chateau beautifully embraces the trend. Let the tribal and global inspiration shine through and create a runway-ready look.

### **Unique Whimsy**
Betsey Johnson never disappoints with her fun and eccentric jewelry collections. This longer statement necklace offers endless possibilities for layering with other chains or baubles. Embrace the whimsy and add it to your summer wardrobe. Get ready to steal the scene.

Remember, this spring, say goodbye to being a wallflower and say hello to the wow factor. Shop for extraordinary statement necklaces that demand attention and make a lasting impression. Stay fashion-forward with Sarah Casselman’s expertise and look effortlessly chic this season.

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FASHION market editor SARAH CASSELMAN shows you the necklace styles that are sure to make a statement this season–and how to wear them!Greta Constantine

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