Making Neriage Pottery: Unedited 8x Wheel Throwing Session | 練り上げ陶芸を編集なしでただひたすらろくろ引きするだけ

## **Forming Mugs on the Potter’s Wheel with the Neriage Technique**
**Watch the mesmerizing process of creating stunning mugs with the Neriage technique as we take you through every step of this fascinating journey!**

[![Mugs on the Potter’s Wheel](video_thumbnail.jpg)](

Welcome to our pottery studio, where we bring clay to life on the potter’s wheel. In this video, we showcase the **Neriage technique**, an ancient method used to achieve captivating marbled patterns on our handcrafted mugs.

Experience the artistry and skill of pottery making as our talented artist masterfully spins the wheel at an exhilarating eight times faster than real-time. Witness the transformative process that turns a mound of clay into a true work of art.

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Forming mugs on the potter’s wheel with the Neriage technique.
The entire process of making this mag will be available soon!


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