Malafacha at Mexico’s Fashion Week ’08: Part 1

# Malafacha’s Bold and Edgy Designs at Mexico’s Fashion Week

Are you looking for edgy and irreverent fashion inspiration? Look no further than Malafacha’s latest collection showcased at Mexico’s Fashion Week. Despite the shaky filmed footage and lack of audio, the designs are captivating in their somber and glam goth tones and rockish, yet fashionable, aesthetic.

From the runway to your wardrobe, Malafacha’s bold and rebellious designs are sure to make a statement. Mix and match their pieces to create your own unique look that’s both daring and chic.

If you’re a fan of avant-garde fashion, don’t miss the chance to be inspired by Malafacha’s latest collection. You can find more information about Mexico Fashion Week at [FWM website](, where you can also check out the work of other designers.

# About Malafacha

Malafacha is a Mexico City-based fashion label that prides itself on being unconventional and nonconformist. Their designs often incorporate punk, rock, and gothic elements, with a unique twist that is both fashion-forward and experimental. Learn more about Malafacha and their unique approach to fashion at their official [website](

perdon por lo mal grabado… video sin audio
con una coleccion en tonos sombrios, monocromaticos y hasta glam goth, malafacha vuelve a asombrar a FWM con sus diseños irreverentes, arrogantes y rockish, pero muy fashionistas.

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Written by José Castilleja

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