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**Malafacha: The Creative Minds Behind Alternative Fashion Design**

Francisco Saldaña and Víctor Hernal are the masterminds behind the alternative fashion brand, Malafacha. With a focus on creative freedom, this design duo has become a go-to for young adults who crave unique fashion choices. Their androgynous, versatile designs feature monochromatic outfits with intricate details that truly showcase their passion for their craft.

In this video, produced by UNICO Producciones, we get an inside look into the minds of these talented designers as they share their journey to success. They discuss the passion and creativity behind their designs, and how they bring their inspirations to life.

Thanks to their individualistic approach to fashion design, Malafacha stands out from the crowd. Their designs are a perfect reflection of their love for the craft, and they know exactly how to harness the power of their ideas.

If you’re looking for inspiration to power your fashion ideas, visit and join the #Poderatusideas movement with Vitamin Water.

So, whether you’re a fashion lover or looking for creative inspiration, this video is a must-watch. Learn more about Malafacha’s unique approach to design and how they continue to inspire the world of fashion.

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francisco saldaña y víctor hernal son las mentes creadoras detrás de la reconocida marca de moda malafacha. la dupla de diseñadores se ha caracterizado por ser una propuesta alternativa para un mercado joven, pero en el que sobre todo ha persistido la libertad creatividad, cualidad que es los hace destacarse porque se nota que aman su trabajo, y porque en verdad saben como darle poder a sus ideas. sus diseños tienen una tendencia andrógina, versátil y outfits monocromáticos con detalles especiales.

#poderatusideas @vitaminwstyle
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video dirigido y producido por UNICO PRODUCCIONES

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