MANÉMANÉ Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Show Video at MBFWM Madrid –

# MANÉMANÉ S/S18 – Fashion Show at MBFWM Madrid

Explore the captivating world of MANÉMANÉ S/S18 as they take you on a stylish journey through the color black. Delve into the significance and endless possibilities that this color represents. With impeccable attention to detail, this collection creates a sleek and sophisticated silhouette that accentuates the sensuality and elegance of the modern woman.

Discover the latest trends and designs from MANÉMANÉ S/S18 at Modalia, your ultimate fashion destination. Immerse yourself in the world of fashion and be inspired by the innovative and artistic vision of this renowned brand.

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MANÉMANÉ S/S18 Vídeo desfile MBFWM Madrid –
MANÉMANÉ S/S18 es un recorrido alrededor del color negro. Un viaje por todo lo que significa este color y todo lo que

podemos construir sobre él.
Con una proporción ceñida y estilizada, la colección explora nuevos contornos dibujando una silueta sinuosa y sensual que deja
entrever una mujer MANÉMANÉ con nuevos horizontes.

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