MARIE ST PIERRE shares her story through timeless fashion collections


## Discover the Fabulous World of Marie Saint Pierre and her Fashion Archives

Welcome to an exciting journey into the fabulous world of Marie Saint Pierre as she takes us on a tour of her fashion archives. Experience the timeless beauty and elegance of her capsule designs.

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This video is a production of Festival Mode&Design.

Join us to witness Marie Saint Pierre’s timeless fashion collection, as she takes us through 35 years of history, from the raw materials to the intricate craftsmanship and awe-inspiring designs. Indulge in the beauty of her creations and explore the latest fashion trends.

Experience the artistry of a renowned fashion designer from Quebec, Canada. Marie Saint Pierre’s designs have captivated the fashion world and continue to set the standards for the industry. Get inspired and follow the journey of a master creator and visionary.

Indulge in the luxury of Marie Saint Pierre’s fashion archives and immerse yourself in the world of high fashion. Don’t miss the chance to witness the magic of Montreal’s fashion scene.

Join us on this incredible fashion adventure and be part of the Festival Mode et Design’s celebration of style and creativity.


CAPSULE DESIGNER : Les archives de mode de Marie

Voici une incursion dans le monde fabuleux de Marie Saint Pierre qui nous fait visiter ses archives.

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Vidéo par : Amandine NavarroMarie Saint Pierre

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