Master the Heavy Bag with 10 Canelo-inspired Combos

## Learn to Box with Canelo Alvarez | 10 Top Combos for Heavy Bag Training

Welcome to Precision Striking! In this video, we will break down the top 10 boxing combos used by the skilled boxer, Canelo Alvarez, and show you how to incorporate them into your own training. These combos are perfect for heavy bag workouts to enhance your technique and overall boxing skills.

In combo number one, Canelo loves to set up the body shot with a touch or feint upstairs, followed by a powerful shovel hook to the body. This combo is beautifully executed and can catch your opponent off guard. Check out the detailed breakdown in the video.

Canelo, being a shorter fighter, often works with head movement in a peekaboo style. Combo number two showcases his slipping technique to get inside the opponent’s jab or outside the right hand. This combination includes a lead hook followed by a right hook to the body. It’s a great way to keep the opponent distracted upstairs while targeting the body.

Combo number three emphasizes Canelo’s slip to the right, leading to a straight right, a lead hook, and a shovel hook. This entry provides a different approach to set up the same body shot combo from the first combination.

Canelo is known for his ability to seamlessly transition from body shots to head shots. Combo number four demonstrates his technique of leading with a lead hook, followed by a pump right uppercut to the body or head, and finishing with an overhand right. The motion is unique and requires careful observation to execute it effectively.

While Canelo often favors doubling up on the left side, combo number five showcases his double up on the right side. This combination starts with a jab, followed by a right uppercut to the body and a lead hook to the head. This variation keeps your opponent guessing and creates openings for powerful punches.

Keeping the pressure on opponents, combo number six involves a double jab, followed by an overhand right. This sets up a lead uppercut up the middle and a rear hook to come around. It’s an effective way to close the distance and catch your opponent off guard.

In combo number seven, we break down Canelo’s lead uppercut off a slip. This combination works best in close-quarters situations, and it covers various dynamic ranges for punches. Don’t forget to watch the full breakdown in the video.

Canelo is known for his level changes and shifts, especially when pressuring opponents. Combo number eight involves a jab set up, followed by a shift uppercut, right hand, and lead hook. This combination allows you to work both to the head and body while maintaining constant pressure.

Combo number nine showcases Canelo’s ability to work the outside and create angles. This combination includes a one-two, a shift to create the angle, and doubling up with hooks to the head and body. It’s a great combo to disrupt your opponent’s defense and land powerful punches.

Lastly, combo number ten focuses on creating angles and maintaining control. After creating the angle, Canelo throws an overhand right, followed by a deep step shovel hook to the body. By measuring and repositioning, you can continue your attack or decide on your next move.

These ten combos are just a glimpse of Canelo Alvarez’s boxing arsenal. Incorporating these combos into your heavy bag training sessions will help improve your skills and technique. Make sure to watch the video for a detailed breakdown and demonstration of each combo.

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  1. Great job man! I love all your stuff. It would be nice a "canelo audio combo" as you already done with "tyson audio combo" 💎

    Congratulations on everything you do and all the passion you put into it.

  2. it’s really hard to pull off canelo moves because of how knowledgeable canelo is when he fights. I was pretty experienced when i was young but even back then i would relay on the 1,2,3 for most of combinations. However, Canelo uses a variety of angles, slips, uppercuts, and even jabs in creative ways that are all meant to be deceive his opponent in throwing something else. While Canelo is becoming a pressure fighter with the passage of time, canleo’s main weapon has always been his extreme level of counterpunching that tricks opponents almost 90% of the time. Canelo is living proof that their are such thing as levels in the sport of boxing.

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