MasterChef Australia’s Intense ‘Mistique’ Pressure Test with Chef Christy Tania | MasterChef World

**Title: Finals Week Pressure Test with Pastry Chef Christy Tania | MasterChef World**

In this thrilling episode of MasterChef Australia, the intensity reaches its peak as the three lowest-scoring contestants from the invention test face the ultimate elimination challenge. The pressure test is set by the renowned pastry chef and dessert specialist, Christy Tania, who pushes their culinary skills to the limit.

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Finals Week. The bottom three contestants from the invention test now face the elimination pressure test set by pastry chef & dessert specialist, Christy Tania.
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  1. This is why humans created the expression "out of this world". How could someone bring this to reality is beyond me. I went after the real recipe, and man.. you can make this beauty in 64 nightmarish steps.
    Try to imagine the mise en place you need to make: Vanilla Marshmallow, Passionfruit Curd, Vanilla Chocolate Cream, Orange Cocoa Sablé, Banana Milk Chocolate Brownie, Caramel Milk Chocolate Mousse, Roast Nuts with Salt, Neutral Glaze, Dark Glaze, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Glaze, Striped White Chocolate Disc, Blue Chocolate Half Sphere, Tempered Chocolate Twigs, Tempered Chocolate Swirl Half Sphere and gold dust.

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