Meet Aishwarya Manivannan, An Artist Who Is Striving To Keep The Ancient Indian Martial Art…

Vogue India and the World Gold Council have come together for their ongoing campaign called ‘You Are Gold’. The campaign celebrates exceptional women who have pushed boundaries and never settled for less than gold. Aishwarya Manivannan is an artist, designer, educator, businesswoman and International champion of Silambam, an ancient Indian martial art with a history of over three thousand years. When Manivannan first learned about Silambam, she was in her twenties and working four jobs. Despite facing numerous challenges, she persisted and eventually triumphed with courage and tenacity. In addition to her martial arts prowess, her stunning jewellery plays an important role in her life, serving as an expression of her personality, vision and energy. Gold jewellery represents self-assurance, independence and a victory for oneself that carries sentimentality and love. Manivannan states that the gold jewellery she wears is another medium to express herself and can be seen as a totem to carry memories, legacy and love.

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