Meet Daniela Villa, a Mexican designer.

# Daniela Villa, Mexican Passionate Fashion Designer

Daniela Villa is a Mexican fashion designer, not by profession but by passion, who has achieved everything she has dreamed of. Starting her journey in support of a foundation for children with Down syndrome, she began designing clothes only as a hobby. Her talent landed her a spot in the Fashion Week 2019 designer competition where she has been returning for the past three years.

With her unique perspective on design and her passion for her work, Daniela continues to inspire many who wish to pursue fashion. In this video, she details her journey and discusses the importance of following your passions.

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## Video Transcript

In this video, Daniela Villa discusses how she started her journey as a fashion designer. She began by supporting a foundation for children with Down syndrome. In doing so, she started designing clothes as a hobby, which eventually landed her a spot in the Mexican Fashion Week 2019 designer competition.

Daniela talks about how important it is to have a clear objective and to go after it, no matter what. She believes that having a well-defined concept for your brand is crucial and will help you stand out in the market. Daniela also discussed the importance of following your passions and staying true to your design style.

She ends the video by showcasing her latest collection, which she designed for both men and women. She uses natural fabrics, making the collection environmentally friendly. Daniela’s pieces are unique, elegant, and always daring.

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– [Mexican Fashion Week 2019](
– [Down Syndrome Foundation](

Daniela Villa es una diseñadora mexicana por pasión, no de profesión que ha logrado concretar todo lo que ha soñado
Daniela Villa

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