Mercredi Addams : Transformation d’une Intello en Beauté Fatale avec des Gadgets Époustouflants, vus sur…

**Title: Mercredi Addams’ Ultimate Makeover | Troom Troom Wow French**

Are you ready to witness the stunning transformation of Mercredi Addams from a nerdy outcast to the belle of the ball? In this exciting video, Mercredi, with the help of her loyal fan Betty, embarks on a journey to achieve her dream of becoming beautiful. Join them as they explore the world of beauty and fashion and discover if Mercredi’s efforts to seek revenge on her tormentors will be successful or in vain. Get ready for a fun-filled and inspiring adventure!

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**Full Video Transcript:**

– **[0:00]** Hello, everyone! Are you trying to tell me something? Oh, so that’s what it is. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. What’s going on over there? Let me see. Ah, it’s the beauty queen of the school. But it’s time for a new one. That’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to be. Who do you think you are? Don’t come near me!
– **[0:17]** Wow, she smells like dirt. Girls, it’s not nice to behave like that. Oh, hi, Mercredi! I’m your biggest fan. But there are some things about you that I’m really not a fan of. Come, follow me. I told you I was a big fan. Look at my poster collection. Anyway, never mind. Let me help you. Sit down. Where do we start? What is this monstrosity? Oh, that could be useful. No, no, it’s not that. Please, I beg you. Oh, well, too bad. I’ll clean it up myself. A blackhead vacuum is really going to come in handy.
– **[0:48]** And that’s it. Oh, but it’s endless. Finally, almost done. Mercredi is completely amazed at how clean her skin is. What are you doing? Plants also need care. You know, cacti are not really my style. *[Music]* Wow, incredible! Your breath is deadly. Come on, Betty, we can’t let this go unnoticed. *[Music]* Stop that right now. There, that’s better. Let’s brush your teeth. I’m sure you’ll love this black toothpaste, nice girl. And there you go, all nice and clean.
– **[1:10]** Now, let’s see. I removed this one. Oh no, seriously, Mercredi? But wait a second, what is this? Hair? This is not going to work. We seriously need to take care of your nose. Hold on, I’ll heat up some wax. Wow, this is going to be fantastic. Don’t worry, I’m a pro in this field. *[Music]* But how did this happen? Wait, I’ll clean it up right away. Where am I? We did it! That was the most important thing anyway. It’s true, it’s even better. Oh, how terrible. *[Music]* Oh, I’m looking for you. Yeah, that sucks. Wow, yeah, it’s really not going well. Stay still, Mercredi. All you need now is patience. Is it just me or is it starting to get hot? And voilà, your hair is silky smooth. We can finally give you a new hairstyle. Are you sure about this? Yes, of course. You’re going to look amazing, Mercredi. You start with this. Seriously, you don’t need a mustache anymore, you know. See, it doesn’t hurt at all. Wow, you’re really skilled. *[Music]* Is there anything better than a pizza with lots of cheese? Yes, a pizza with lots and lots of toppings. What are you doing? You can’t bite your nails like that. They’re disgusting. Well, Ms. Addams, you leave me no choice. Give me your hand. Oh, oh, we’re far from done. Don’t worry, it won’t be so bad.
– **[2:01]** Now, we’ll polish your nails with pink nail polish. I’ll have to go through me first. Oh, right, I completely forgot. You like black better. I prefer that. Great, so let’s finish your makeover. We’ll get everything ready for you. And now, let’s get to work. I’ll show you the miracles that good makeup can do. Do we really have to? A spoon can be really handy when applying eye makeup. Just place it on your eyelid and apply the eyeshadow gently. It’s as simple as that. Oh, I have another tip! This is pure torture. Relax and learn from me. Wow, it looks so easy with you. Shimmering tears, so cool! Now, which one should we use? Red or black? I can’t decide. I have an idea! Let’s use red on top and black on the bottom. Sinister and elegant at the same time. No time to waste, you have to give it your all to win the beauty contest. Oh, Betty, I love this new look. I wanted to talk about the outfit, actually. A spider! Oh, poor princess. I think she’s gone mad. Anyway, who cares? Excuse me, someone interrupted me. And what did you say? I’m going to get you. Where does all this anger come from? You’ll make a great handbag, Mercredi. But why am I not surprised? Come on, let me help you. *[Music]* Wow, too dark. Yeah, you’re right. You look amazing now. Come on, we really have to go now. Oh, bats! I got a very gothic decoration. The other contestants don’t stand a chance against you. And the title of beauty queen goes to… Get out of here. There’s another contestant you forgot. Please give a round of applause to Mercredi Addams and her companion, The Thing. It seems like the audience is really impressed. Enough with the formalities. Behold my terrifying dance. I have to say, I’m liking what I see. You’re amazing, Mercredi. In that case, it’s settled. Mercredi Addams will be our queen. Such a strangely pleasant feeling. Well done. I’ll hang our poster right here. I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life. Oh, I almost forgot. Today is the prom. Come on, Mercredi, show them what
Toutes les filles rêvent d’être la reine du bal ! Mais pour Mercredi Addams, ce rêve est totalement irréalisable ! Elle est différente de ses camarades de classe, et c’est pour ça qu’ils n’arrêtent pas de l’embêter ! Heureusement qu’elle a sa fidèle fan : Betty ! Elle va s’occuper du relooking de Mercredi, du brossage de ses dents au lavage de ses cheveux ! Tout ça est très nouveau pour Mercredi, mais elle est prête à tout pour devenir belle ! Parviendra-t-elle à se venger de ses tyrans ou ses efforts seront-ils voués à l’échec ? Viens le découvrir dans notre nouvelle vidéo !

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