Michelle Li Explores Latest-Generation Designers at t.a. Boutique | Unveiling FARFETCH Boutiques’ Offerings

## Explore the Best New-Season Pieces from Diverse Brands at t.a. Boutique

In this captivating YouTube video, Teen Vogue stylist and editor, Michelle Li, visits t.a., a Black-owned boutique in New York City that is set to launch on FARFETCH. Michelle meets the owner, Telsha Anderson, and together they delve into the world of fashion’s most exciting names, including Beaufille, PH5, Ottolinger, and Brother Vellies.

[t.a.]( is on a mission to bring diverse brands to New York City, creating a space that celebrates representation within the black community. The store supports and nurtures young, up-and-coming designers, making it a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts.

Telsha takes Michelle on a tour, showcasing some of the most captivating pieces in store. They start with Beaufille, a Canadian brand, known for its stunning pieces that beautifully complement the female form. The video then moves on to PH5, renowned for its asymmetrical dresses and superb fabric choices. Michelle is particularly drawn to the unique construction and quality of the designs.

Ottolinger, with its quirky and interesting designs, is next on the agenda. Telsha highlights their signature silk blazer, a showstopper in terms of design and fit. The boutique also features Brother Vellies, a black-owned brand famous for its iconic boots, along with the timeless and subtle elegance of the Ashya bag.

The video provides an intimate insight into the world of t.a. Boutique, showcasing the dedication and passion of the owner in curating an extraordinary collection. Whether you’re seeking vibrant colors, whimsical styles, or sustainable fashion choices, this boutique has something for everyone.

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Teen Vogue stylist and editor Michelle Li visits t.a. — a Black-owned boutique bringing diverse brands to New York City, launching soon on FARFETCH — to meet owner Telsha Anderson. Watch them explore the best new-season pieces from fashion’s most exciting names, including Beaufille, PH5, Ottolinger and Brother Vellies.

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