Mind-Blowing Mobile Home Tour Featuring Farm House Style and the Perfect Kitchen in a Fixer Upper

# FarmHouse Style and PERFECT kitchen! This Mobile Home tour blew our minds!!! (Fixer Upper Style)

If you’re in the market for a manufactured home/mobile home, look no further! Join Heath and Brandon on their latest mobile home tour at Atkinson Homes in Childersburg, Alabama, where they show off a stunning double wide mobile home called “The LulaMae”.

This 32X70 mobile home features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a spacious open floor plan, and a built-in porch that screams “farmhouse style”. And the inside? It’s perfectly styled too, with shiplap walls, beautifully crafted cast iron light fixtures, and a chef-style kitchen that will make your heart sing.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the full tour on our YouTube channel, Homes On Wheels, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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*Prices are subject to change and will be different based on options ordered current pricing at the time of order, and individual items requested by the customer.

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FarmHouse Style and PERFECT kitchen! This Mobile Home tour blew our minds!!! (Fixer Upper Style)

This video is a Tour of a spacious double wide. In this video we visit ATKINSON HOMES location in Childersburg, Alabama. We fell in love with this home right away! With the built in porch and open floor plan, this home has it all!!
This new home has a lot of awesome features you don’t want to miss! This is a 32X70 mobile home. The model name for this home is the “The LulaMae”. This home has 3 beds and 2 baths. Let us know what you think about this home in the comment section below. I hope you enjoy this mobile home walk through as much as we did.

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***All pricing shown was for that home at the time of filming. Prices are subject to change and will be different based on options ordered current pricing at the time of order, and individual items requested by the customer.***

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  2. Those are not "bay windows" in the kitchen, by the way! 😂 Lovely home. I would not like the lower sinks in the bathroom though, kind of hard to bend over for some people as they get older.

  3. The chicken came first. Genesis 1. If you don't believe the Bible, the chicken still came first. The million minute DNA anomalies that changed a dinosaur into a chicken would not have happened in a few generations. The changes would have to occur in many specimens for many generations. Reproduction would have been impossible unless at least 2 dinosaurs having each changed in the exact same way managed to find each other. In order for a chicken to break out of an egg, the parents would both have to have become chickenesque already.

  4. Why do you call it a a mobile home they're not mobile homes. They are manufactured homes mobile homes are tin cans these are not tin-can.
    There big difference. Love these homes.

  5. My land is 78 acres wooded, ravines, creeks and on the back side of a hill, I like having the picture windows to look out of while taking a bath. That bath is much more civilized than the horse trough I have underneath the oaks, though it looks like it will come up to your neck too. I use a on-demand hot water heater for the 150 gallons it contains.

  6. Sorry that is the tackiest fireplace how they put that metal going down the sides of that fireplace. I did love the exterior of this home. But farmhouse can be more modern in interior design. And this just is to farm house in side for my liking. Having the farmhouse exterior with a modern feel in side is more what is the style and what I prefer. Took this feel to extreme. Just overboard. Your right call it the chicken koop.

  7. i have seen this one priced from 108k-120k depending on who sells it and the lulabelle 4b/3b is 118k-135k depending on who sells it.. in case anyone is curious! please always include the prices!!!

  8. Not a big fan of that farmhouse style of using pipes as decor. To me it just reminds me that I grew up poor and had to make due with whatever we could find as furniture. Hope there are options for that!!

    I like the layout and the porch except for one little thing that annoys me about these homes – why is the laundry room locked behind the butler pantry behind the kitchen?? Image dragging your hamper down through the living room, through the kitchen, through the pantry just to start a load. I'm tired already!!!! Wish the laundry room opened to the same hall the bedrooms are in.

    I went back and looked at the floor plan and I'd definitely go for the option of removing that desk space out of the hallway. That seems in the way to me once you put a big office chair in front of it. Especially if I'm dragging my laundry hamper down that hall to get to the laundry room!! 😂

    Thanks for the video guys!!

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