Montreal Fashion Designer, Bodybag, Shares Her Extensive Knowledge

**Title: Judith Desjardins: A Fashion Designer Inspired by European Influences | Montreal Fashion Week**

In this fascinating backstage interview, acclaimed fashion designer Judith Desjardins shares her recent European influences and speaks about her extensive experience in the fashion industry. Hosted by Gazette fashion editor Eva Friede at Montreal Fashion Week, this insightful conversation offers a glimpse into what drives Desjardins’ unique style and creativity.

Throughout the interview, Desjardins delves into the depths of her inspirations, where she draws from the rich tapestry of European fashion, merging it seamlessly with her own artistic vision. With years of expertise under her belt, Desjardins has firmly established herself as a leading figure in the fashion industry.

As the renowned designer behind the iconic brand Bodybag, Desjardins invites viewers to explore her latest collection, a brilliant showcase of her distinctive style. Showcasing a perfect blend of elegance and modernity, her designs effortlessly capture the essence of Montreal’s vibrant fashion scene.

Join us for an exclusive interview with Judith Desjardins, a trailblazing fashion designer at the forefront of the Canadian fashion industry. Gain insights into the creative process, discover the evolution of her unique style, and witness firsthand the passion that drives her success.

00:00 Introduction to Judith Desjardins
01:25 European influences shaping her vision
04:18 A glimpse into the Montreal Fashion Week experience
06:52 Judith Desjardins talks about her latest collection

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Bodybag fashion designer, Judith Desjardins talks about her recent European influences and her years of experience in the business and what drives her in a backstage interview with Gazette fashion editor Eva Friede Tuesday September 3, 2013 at Montreal Fashion Week. (John Mahoney / THE GAZETTE)Pedram Karimi

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