Montreal Fashion Week Edition featuring the Trollsen Twins

# Sensation Mode’s #MFW / #SMM: A Recap by the #TrollsenTwins

Get ready to experience the Montreal Fashion Week and Sensation Mode through the eyes of the #TrollsenTwins in this exciting video. Featuring exclusive interviews with designers and models, as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the runway and backstage, this recap highlights the most indecent and exhilarating moments of the event.

Directed by Rémoz (, and created by James Campagna, Nick Younes, Xavier Laruelle, and the Trollsen Twins themselves, this video is a must-watch for all fashion and style enthusiasts who want to stay up to date with the latest trends and looks.

Join Savannah Scott and Sydney Anna as they chat with Pedram Karimi and twinky models with ‘1-inch baby dicks’. Discover the inspiration behind Shenyang, a diffusion line that embodies the irrational, impulsive, vulnerable, and strong characteristics of youth. Learn about the New Regime and their unique approach to fashion that combines art, style, and social commentary.

And if you’re curious about any indecent moments backstage, don’t worry – the Trollsen Twins have got you covered. From nudity to nipple pinching, they ask all the tough questions and get some hilarious answers.

So, whether you’re in the fashion industry or just love watching incredible runway shows, you don’t want to miss this video. Watch it now and get ready to fall in love with the Montreal fashion scene.

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A recap of SENSATION MODE’s #MFW / #SMM through the eyes of the #TrollsenTwins, featuring a chat with Pedram Karimi, twinky models with ‘1-inch baby dicks’, Chinese crackers backstage and footage from the pit.

Directed by Rémoz ( )Pedram Karimi

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