Mount Cushion: Unique Ornamental and Decorative Pillows from Grindelwald

**[Video Title: Einzigartige Zier- und Dekokissen im Mount Cushion Laden in Grindelwald, Schweiz]**

Welcome to Mount Cushion, the softest mountain in the Grindelwald region! In this short film, immerse yourself in the magical world of our unique gift shop, nestled in the historic Salzhaus.

Looking for a special souvenir that truly captures the essence of Switzerland? Look no further! Mount Cushion offers an exquisite range of decorative cushions that are not only visually stunning but also make for perfect Swiss mementos.

Our handmade cushions can be filled with a variety of organic materials sourced from the mountainous regions. Choose from fragrant alpine hay, cozy sheep wool, aromatic Swiss pine shavings, soothing lavender, fragrant herbs, or even comforting spelt. These cushions provide the perfect way to bring the scents and warmth of the Swiss Alps into your home.

Can’t visit us in person? Don’t worry! You can conveniently place your orders via our webshop at [](

Enjoy the enchanting melodies of Jodlerklub Wiler b/U, featured in the background, from their CD “40 Jahre”.

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Source: [Mount Cushion Official Website](
Source: [Jodlerklub Wiler b/U CD “40 Jahre”](authority-link-to-the-cd)

Kurzer Film über einen originellen Laden im ehemaligen Salzhaus von Grindelwald: Mount Cushion — der weichste Berg der Gegend — bietet einzigartige Zier- und Dekokissen, die sich auch hervorragend als typisch schweizerische Souvenirs eignen. Auf Wunsch auch mit Füllungen aus Bergheu, Schafwolle, Arvenspänen, Lavendel, Kräuter, Dinkel und mehr. Bestellungen auch via Webshop möglich:

Musik: Jodlerklub Wiler b/U, ab der CD 40 JahreWymann.

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