MSI Creator Awards 2022 Virtual Ceremony: Celebrating Innovators in the Digital World, Presented by MSI

*MSI Creator Awards 2022: Celebrating the Winners of CREATE YOUR UTOPIA Competition*

Experience the excitement of the MSI Creator Awards Ceremony from the comfort of your own home! Join people from around the world as we unveil the winners of this year’s CREATE YOUR UTOPIA competition. Don’t miss out on this memorable event!

Please note that the winner of the Best Editing award is still being confirmed. Stay tuned for the announcement.

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《MSI Creator Awards 2022》
Awards Ceremony was live on JULY 15th 9am (EDT)

Take part in MSI Creator Awards Ceremony with people around the world from the comfort of your own home! We are going to reveal the winners of this year CREATE YOUR UTOPIA competition. Stay online with us to have a memorable experience!

The award-winning works of Best Editing is controversial and under confirming process, please wait for the announcement.

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  1. Thanks MSI for choosing me as a winner of MSI SPECIAL PRIZE. But what confused me was I'm under "People's Choice Award" in the official website. So What award did I get actually? Congratulation to all other winners too!

  2. Congrats to all winners, eventhough my piece got shortlisted for best shorts and didn't win, I'm still extatic that even made it to the final… Awesome. Next year we can do better. Salute to MSI

  3. Congrats to Obaid for 3D. 👏👍. Next time, I will be the winner hopefully. Thanks to MSI for such contests for the creator world. And congrats to other categories as well. All created exquisitely.🙏

  4. Sorry but I can't take the best editing award seriously.

    It's literally a cut down version of an ad for clash of clans. HOW THE HELL does that deserve to win?

  5. Congrats Everyone whoever won today, you people are amazing, Next time I will try hard to get this award. All Other Designers don't worry we did our best, next time we will even give more effort.❤❤❤❤

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