MT apresenta lançamento do inverno 2015 por Victor Dzenk

****VICTOR DZENK Interview: The Influence of Horses on the Newest Collection****

Welcome to our exclusive interview with renowned fashion designer Victor Dzenk, conducted by Luiza Schieber at the MINAS TREND event. In this interview, Victor reveals the fascinating partnership between his brand and the Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Mangalarga Marchador (ABCCMM), and how the equestrian theme influenced his highly anticipated new collection.

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**[Transcript Summary]**

In this captivating interview, Victor Dzenk shares the story behind his collaboration with the Mangalarga horse breeders and how it inspired his latest collection. Exploring the distinct characteristics of the horse, from its unique ear structure to jaw shape, Victor seamlessly incorporates these elements into his designs. The collection is designed for women who effortlessly transition between city and country lifestyles.

Discover the main highlights of this extraordinary collection, including the traditional yet reinvented riding pants, now transformed into jackets and blazers. The incorporation of equestrian-inspired details such as zipper pulls fashioned into spurs adds an intriguing touch to the garments. The collection also features enchanting evening dresses adorned with smoky animal-like prints, evoking a fusion of elegance and wilderness.

The color palette draws inspiration from the earthy tones of the equestrian world, resulting in an array of rich hues and captivating patterns.

As the conversation pivots towards the upcoming São Paulo Fashion Week, Victor reveals his partnership with sculptor Vânia Braga. Together, they plan to showcase their collaboration through a series of 260 horse sculptures, creating an immersive and artistic experience for attendees and the press.

Join us as we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of this extraordinary collection at São Paulo Fashion Week!

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VICTOR DZENK em entrevista exclusiva concedida a Luiza Schieber no MINAS TREND fala sobre sua parceria com a ABCCMM e a influencia do tema cavalo na nova coleção que promete dar o que falar nas passarelas. CENTRAL DE VENDAS click em Dzenk

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