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**[VIDEO TITLE] Supporting Stem Cell Research: Operation Tulipes à Cœur**

Are you passionate about advancing stem cell research? Join Anne Aries, a researcher at the renowned Institute of Hematology and Transplantation (IRHT), as she uncovers groundbreaking insights into the world of stem cells. Every year, the IRHT organizes the inspiring Operation Tulipes à Cœur, offering an opportunity for everyone to support and fund vital research.

In this captivating video, Anne Aries takes you on a journey into the fascinating realm of stem cells. Discover the incredible potential of these versatile cells and learn about the latest advancements in stem cell research. Anne shares her expertise and sheds light on the life-changing impacts that stem cell therapies can have on various medical conditions.

But it doesn’t stop there! Join us every week on Mplus Magazine, your go-to destination for insider tips, heartwarming stories, and the best local finds in Mulhouse. Delve into the vibrant Mulhouse community and discover the hidden gems that make it truly special.

Ready to explore the world of stem cells and support groundbreaking research? Visit to watch this engaging video and learn how you can contribute to the Operation Tulipes à Cœur. Join Anne Aries and the IRHT on their quest to make a difference in the field of stem cell research.

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Anne Aries est chercheur à l’Institut de recherche en Hématologie et Transplantation (IRHT), qui mène des recherches sur les cellules souches. Chaque année, l’IRHT organise son opération Tulipes à cœur, qui permet à tous de soutenir et financer la recherche.

Chaque semaine, retrouvez les coups de cœur, bonnes adresses et autres souvenirs de Mulhousiens, en vidéo sur !Wymann.

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