My Outfits of Last Week: Jacquemus, Self Portrait, Sid Neigum, Shein & Simons | Featuring South Sudanese Influence

**[Video Title]**: What I Wore Last Week | Jacquemus, Self Portrait Dress, Shein Top | Fashion Lookbook

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Welcome back to my YouTube channel! In this video, I’ll be sharing what I wore last week, featuring some of my favorite pieces from my closet. If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe and join the family. And to my new subscribers from the past week and a half, thank you so much for your support!

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Now let’s dive into the outfits!

**Outfit 1:**
I start off with a classic and chic look. I paired a checkered print shirt from Simon’s with a pair of black straight leg wool pants that I thrifted. My favorite thing about this top is the wrap style, and I love wearing it backwards for a unique and stylish twist. I completed the look with black flats from H&M and my go-to handbag.

**Outfit 2:**
This is my favorite look of the week. I’m wearing a stunning Shein top in a beautiful print with statement poofy sleeves. The material is soft and fully lined. You can wear this top either on or off the shoulder for different styles. I opted for a size small, but an extra small may have also worked well. I paired it with white pants from Jacquemus for a clean and chic look. Completed the outfit with a yellow hat for that perfect fall touch.

These are just a few highlights from my week of outfits. If you’re interested in any of the pieces mentioned, you can find the links below:

– Shein Top: [](
– Dress Version: [](
– Self Portrait Dress: Sold Out (source: [source](

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Hello Loves,

Hope you are all doing well Thank you to my new subscribers from the last week & a half. I appreciate you all and welcome to the family.

Sorry about the last video takedown. After I post it, I realized I had more to say.. Thank you for understanding.

Today’s video on what I wore last week. Many are old or sold out but anything available is down here!

*Shein Top:

*Dress Version:

*Self Portrait Dress: Sold Out

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