Nail Tutorial with Nonie Creme: Exploring butter LONDON’s Spring/Summer Collection

**Title:** butter LONDON Nail Make-Up Tutorial: Spring/Summer Collection 2012

**Description:** butter LONDON’s founder, Nonie Creme, shares her nail polish trend looks using the “Spring/Summer Collection 2012” and provides tips for long-lasting and exciting nail make-up. Learn how to achieve the perfect paint job at home and create beautiful nail designs that embody high fashion. Follow along with Nonie as she demonstrates simple techniques for applying nail lacquer and explores new pastel colors, ombre nails, and color blocking. Discover the exclusive butter LONDON range, now available at Douglas stores in Germany.

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**Video Transcript:**

Hello, I am Nonie Creme, the founding creative director of butter LONDON. Today, I will be showcasing our brand and sharing tips for achieving salon-worthy nail make-up at home. As an exclusive brand available at Douglas stores in Germany, we pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for high fashion nail lacquers.

Let’s start with the basics. Many people skip the base coat, but it is a crucial step in getting a perfect manicure. Our stain-resistant base coat ensures that your nails remain free from any color pigmentation. This is especially important when using our vibrant and pigmented nail lacquers.

Today, I will be using our Spring/Summer Collection, which features fresh colors inspired by the latest fashion trends. One of the key trends this season is “new pastels.” Before applying the color, create a seal of color around the edge of your fingernail. This will help your manicure last even longer. I recommend applying two thin coats of color for the best result.

Now, let’s try something unique – an ombre fingernail. Apply a drop of color to the end of your nail and use a clean brush to gently brush the color across the tip. This messy and loose technique creates a modern art nail look. Feel free to layer different shades and let them dry in between each shade.

For a color-blocking manicure, paint all of your fingers in a traditional manicure style, except for your ring finger. Choose a highly contrasting color for your ring finger to add a pop of color. This fashion-forward and fun look will make a statement and show your unique style.

To find the exclusive butter LONDON range, visit Douglas stores in Germany or check out their website [here](

Thank you for watching and get ready to express your personal style with butter LONDON’s trendy nail make-up looks!

butter LONDONS Gründerin Nonie Creme zeigt Euch Ihre Nagellack-Trend Looks mit der “Spring/Summer Collection 2012” und gibt Euch Tipps für ein langanhaltendes und aufregendes Nagel-Make-up!Nonie

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