Native Moss Transformed Into a Mini Forest Displayed in a Jar

# I Made A Mini Forest In A Jar Using Native Moss

In this video, I will guide you through the process of creating a stunning terrarium that resembles a mini forest in a jar. By combining native mosses, soil, and hardscape features, we can achieve a beautiful and relaxing woodland effect. This project is not only enjoyable but also meditative, allowing you to unwind while connecting with nature.

To create this terrarium, all you need is a glass jar, moss, soil, and a few hardscape elements. I will also introduce some fascinating alien-like creatures at the end to enhance the terrarium ecosystem.

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Transcript (Partial): Hi everybody, to kickstart the year I’m going to show you how I make a miniature forest in a jar using moss, soil, and hardscape features. This is my favorite kind of terrarium to make because it’s so simple and relaxing. I’m really excited to show you the whole process, so look out for the alien-like creatures that I add at the end. I hope you enjoy the video.

I Made A Mini Forest In A Jar Using Native Moss

Combining native mosses in a small jar like this creates a wonderful forest effect and I find the whole process extremely relaxing and almost meditative. It’s a simple terrarium to make, using only a glass jar, soil, moss and a few hardscape features to finish it off. I also add some really cool, alien like creatures at the end to help the whole terrarium ecosystem. Enjoy!

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  1. Been watching for a while now, supporting my latest pandemic hobby. Delighted to see you pop up in my news feed here in the States. A BBC profile of your "hidden terrariums" project. Cheers! much deserved recognition. All the best, and thanks

  2. Made my first terranium about 2 weeks ago. Now I see why so many people don't like hichhikers. The milipede I put in on purpose ate and dug through all the moss. Whenever I see a new sprout of something the milipede just eats it. I don't want to start over because everything is still alive but I just wonder what whould've happened if I didn't put it in there.

  3. Hi, congratulations on your beautiful videos. Could you explain the mix you are using in the soil, it seems to me that there is some akadama soil, pieces of charcoal and lava rock, and what else? thank u

  4. I did! But I used other plants too. Sfagnum moss covered small plants and digested them. I didn't know that moss is capable to eat small plants. The victims were small jewel orchids. Now I'm using moss and plants in one terrarium with precaution!

  5. Great Build!!.. I love Moss!!.. My favourite!!.. 🌱💚😊
    Do you discard the brown cut off bits from the moss or keep them?? 🤔😋
    And where do you get spring tails from??

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