Natural vs. Chemical: Effective Methods for Eliminating Weeds in Driveway, Sidewalk Cracks, Gravel, and Flower Beds

Learn how to effectively kill weeds in cracks of your driveway, sidewalk, gravel, or flower beds in this informative YouTube video. We will be testing two different methods side by side to see which one works best.

First, we will be using 45% vinegar, a natural and DIY option for weed control (Get it here: [link]( This concentrated vinegar will be sprayed on one section of weeds to see its effectiveness.

Next, we will be using a mixture of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, and Sureguard (Purchase here: [link]( Sureguard is a product that helps keep weeds from growing back for months, making it a great option for long-term weed control.

If you prefer avoiding synthetic chemicals, using vinegar may be the way to go to eliminate weeds. However, it’s important to follow the label instructions on herbicides and wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

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*Transcript of the video:*

Hey everybody, this is Jason Creel, and welcome to Lawn Care Life. Today, I want to show you how to get rid of weeds in the cracks of your driveway, sidewalk, or gravel. We will compare a natural DIY method with a chemical option used by commercial lawn care companies.

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We often encounter situations like this where cracks in driveways are filled with weeds, particularly crabgrass. Simply cutting them down won’t solve the problem permanently. So, what can we do to fully eliminate the weeds?

Let’s start with a natural weed killer option – vinegar. We will spray straight vinegar on one section of the weeds. While vinegar can be diluted with dish soap and salt, a stronger concentration works more effectively. You can purchase concentrated vinegar [here](

Next, we will use a combination of products to kill the weeds and prevent them from regrowing. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, will be mixed with Sureguard. Glyphosate effectively kills the weeds, but Sureguard plays a crucial role in long-term weed prevention. Find these products [here](

Sureguard may seem more expensive initially, but it stretches a long way. By combining glyphosate and Sureguard, you can keep weeds at bay for several months. This is particularly useful for large gravel driveways or areas where you don’t want any growth.

To conduct our experiment, we have selected a section of weeds, and we will spray one portion with vinegar and the other portion with the glyphosate-Sureguard mixture. While we can’t show you the long-term results in this video, rest assured that Sureguard does an excellent job of keeping weeds away.

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Learn how to kill weeds in cracks of a driveway, sidewalk, gravel or flower beds. This method can be used almost anywhere you wan to kill the weeds in an area where grass is not growing. I am testing two sprays side by side. First I use 45% vinegar. ( Second, I mixed glyphosate with Sureguard. Sureguard can help keep the weeds gone for months. If you don’t want to use synthetic chemicals, then using vinegar may be the way to get rid of weeds. Make sure to follow the label on the herbicides and wear PPE.

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  1. all those chemicals end up in our water, and grandkid's and great grandkid's water supply.kills wildlife. Why not just go outside once a week and cut the little weeds before they grow?

  2. I have been using 30% vinegar for years now and mix it 1 to 1 with water. I saturate the cracks even where weeds are not growing. This prevents regrowth by changing the soil ph making it very acidic. This works better than the chemicals for killing and preventing. I have compared it to Ortho Ground Clear and it works as well or slightly better.

  3. Was just wondering — many people don't like to wait to see the weeds go away — would you suggest the vinegar first — then the Sureguard — since the vinegar at least kills the appearance of them. Thanks for doing this video.

  4. So vinegar seemed better…way cheaper…probly safer i imagine also. Am i wrong…i dont think its close. I mean if u doin residentials and only like amount in video. Help me info please anyone

  5. I'd have to sit down and do the math exactly, but it seems like it would be better to go with a granular like Snapshot in bed/rock areas for long term control. Much safer for most desirables especially in planted areas.

  6. My Daddy used Diesel fuel for the cracks in the driveway and for Fire Ant Mounds in the yard. He has been dead for 5 years (God Bless his Soul). Mama still has bare spots in the yard 5 years later. It worked real good though. I don't think he ever viewed YouTube.

  7. Thank you for the side by side. I think I will pick up some of that Sure Guard. One thing that Allen Hane does on his channel when comparing organic to chemical sprays is the cost per gallon. I use the vinegar 30% as I have commented before. That costs me $19 dollars per gallon. I don't know exactly how much those two chemicals cost you per oz. but lets just say you had about $5 in chemical in the gallon of spray. As Allen says, the chemical spray is usually much cheaper per gallon of mixed spray than the organic.

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