New Collection: FINEZZA TOM* SS2017

# ** Stylish Menswear by FINEZZA | Toronto Men’s Fashion Week TOM* SS2017 Collection! **

Welcome to **FINEZZA** – where fashion meets elegance! Get ready to be blown away by their stunning Spring/Summer 2017 collection, showcased exclusively at the prestigious Toronto Men’s Fashion Week TOM*.

In this jaw-dropping runway show, FINEZZA brings forth their mastery in crafting timeless menswear pieces. From dapper suits tailored to perfection, to cutting-edge casual wear, their SS2017 collection epitomizes modern sophistication. With meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality fabrics, FINEZZA forges a perfect blend of style and comfort for the contemporary man.

**Witness the Fashion Spectacle**: Immerse yourself in the synergy of FINEZZA’s artistic vision and skilled craftsmanship. The tantalizing video captures every stride, every twist and turn on the runway as models bring these exquisite garments to life. Feel the thrill of being part of an event that sets the bar high for menswear fashion, leaving the audience craving more.

**FINEZZA – A Symbol of Excellence**: With each stitch meticulously placed, FINEZZA continues to redefine menswear fashion. Their commitment to producing exceptionally crafted garments has earned them global recognition, establishing their position among the most influential designers in the industry.

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**Toronto Men’s Fashion Week TOM* SS2017 Collection**: Explore FINEZZA’s groundbreaking collection that turned heads at the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week TOM*. Witness the fusion of style, innovation, and impeccable tailoring as FINEZZA takes the center stage at this esteemed fashion event.

**Unmatched Craftsmanship**: Discover the intricate details and impeccable finish of FINEZZA’s SS2017 collection. Each piece showcases the expertise and dedication of their talented designers, ensuring that every garment is a masterpiece worthy of the modern gentleman.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the epitome of style and sophistication in FINEZZA’s SS2017 collection. Immerse yourself in the world of menswear fashion like never before – hit that play button and indulge in this fashion spectacle now!

FINEZZA Presentedits SS2017 collections at the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week TOM* August 18, 2016Pedram Karimi

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