New Daily Makeup Routine for Autumn 2020

**Title: My Everyday Fall Makeup Routine | Dewy Glow for the Season [2021]**


Welcome back to my channel, fam! In this video, I’ll be sharing my current everyday makeup routine for the fall season. I’ll be embracing the dewy, juicy glow from summer and transitioning it into the chilly weather. What are your favorite products for fall? Let’s dive in!

**Products Used:**

– [Smashbox Primerizer](
– [Vesca Sunrise Primer](
– [L’Oreal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation](
– [L’Oreal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Concealer](
– [Benefit Hoola Bronzer](
– [NARS Laguna Bronzer](
– [Vesca Wish Highlighter](
– [Charlotte Tilbury Colour of Passions Cream Blush](
– [Benefit Microfilling Brow Pen](
– [MAC Groundwork Paint Pot](
– [Marc Jacobs At Lash’d Mascara](
– [MAC Stripdown Lip Pencil](

**Outfit Details:**

– Top: [Ellie Mae Studios](
– Necklaces & Big Hoop Earrings: [Missoma](

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**Full Transcript of the Video:**
[Full Transcript of the video can be found here.](

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Hi fam Here is a look at my current everyday makeup that I’ve been wearing so far this FALL SEASON! Carrying on the dewy juicy glow from the summer to take on the chilllll in the air. What products are you loving right now?! XOXO


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Smashbox Primerizer
Vesca Sunrise Primer
L’Oreal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation
L’Oreal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Concealer
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
NARS Laguna Bronzer
Vesca Wish Highlighter
Charlotte Tilbury Colour of Passions Cream Blush
Benefit Microfilling brow pen
MAC groundwork paint pot
Marc Jacobs At Lash’d Mascara
MAC Stripdown Lip Pencil


– Top is old from Ellie Mae Studios
– Necklaces + Big Hoop Earrings are from Missoma


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FTC: This video not sponsored & some links above are affiliate links, which I make a lil commission on if you so choose to purCHAYSE a product through them! Cheers fam! XOEllie Mae

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Written by Allana Davison


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  1. I love this video. Love all your content. When I wear mask. I do have an normal to oily skin type but I do use a the elf mint melt primer on my nose and my Charlotte tilbury Youth glow primer and then I put my Estée Lauder double wear and that’s my best thing for mask it doesn’t move at all even on an 8 hour work day. So it’s perfect. But definitely use a foundation that is transferred resistant.

  2. Hello! Now following you in Instagram, I follow you forever in you tube, and watch your videos like your reality real deal personality, in insta it’s the plataform of multimedia that Use the most but I don’t know why but I still like the closeness with you in You tube, on your insta account it’s nice, but I have a feeling that I are far, and I guess prefer to hear u

  3. I really appreciate a non filtered close up of skin. We all have skin and none of it is perfect. I've been getting hit hard with maskne too. But mine is consistently around the jawline (also hormones) and its seriously getting on my nerves. I have found that my OLEHENRIKSON Glow Cycle Retin-Alt power serum is really really improving the maskne. And the skin. My skin has never looked better and im kind of shocked because a lot of times skin care doesn't do much right off the bat. But this is some seriously magical stuff.

  4. I absolutely love this foundation and have been wearing it for 2 months and it doesn’t hold up to the mask on a 8hr work day 😭 unless you pack powder along where the mask sits , also this foundation will sit in fine lines but only if you apply it heavily.

  5. I find that using a setting spray like the UD all-nighter after I'm done with my makeup, and then blotting off excess shine using a tissue after really helps prevent masks from scraping my makeup off! Even my highlight stays super shiny lolol

  6. I have to wear a mask to work and I've been doing my makeup from the nose up lol! If I get pimples from the mask I put pimple patches on them and hide them underneath haha such a life hack

  7. Hi all, does anyone know if the Age Perfect Serum Foundation exists in Europe? I could find the Age Perfect BB cream, tinted moisturizer and (normal) Foundation, but not sure if one of these is the same formula.

  8. I've been using the Age Perfect all summer, and I've been loving it! It's light weight, it blends beautifully, looks like skin, and covers well. It really is such a good base product 😊 Glad you got to try it! 🥰

  9. When I say I just went and ordered three of the products you mentioned after watching this. So far any product I’ve purchased based off of your recommendation has worked beautifully for me! So I’m pretty excited 😁

  10. I noticed the less make up I wear where my mask goes (chin, cheeks, etc) the less break outs I get. Anytime I have foundation on and put a mask on, I break out so bad so I've given up foundation for the time being!

  11. love the video! the only thing i would change about the lens is to make it a little more in focus, you can't really see the texture of your skin like some of your other videos, which can be helpful! <3

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