New Hocus Pocus X Colourpop Collaboration: Full Coven Crew Collection Review & Comparison

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Welcome back witches! Today we have an exciting video for all you Hocus Pocus fans. We’ll be reviewing the new Hocus Pocus Colourpop collaboration with Disney, The Coven Crew Collection. Is this collection worth your money, or is it more of the same? We’ll be unboxing the entire collection, doing comparison swatches, a festive pumpkin eye tutorial, lip creme try-on, and giving you our honest review.

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In this video, we’ll dive into the Hocus Pocus Coven Crew Collection, discussing our thoughts on the collaboration and the reasons why we believe there may be a third collaboration coming next year. We’ll also compare this collection to last year’s, touching on the packaging changes and the decision to use cartoony figures.

But before we get into it, let us show off this adorable outfit we got from Shein – a Boo Sheet Shirt and reflective pumpkin sweatpants. We highly recommend checking out Shein for affordable and high-quality clothing options.

If you’re interested in specific parts of the video, check out the timestamps below:

00:00 Intro
01:30 Unboxing
03:45 Comparison Swatches
06:12 Pumpkin Eye Tutorial
08:45 Lip Creme Try-On
10:20 Review

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So it’s been 300 years right down to the day no I’m just kidding, it hasn’t been quite that long since we’ve seen one another, but it definitely feels like it has been a while. Either way, it doesn’t matter because you guys know what I’m back witches and I’m so super pumped about today’s video because you guys know I’m a huge Halloween fan, even bigger Sanderson Sisters fan. So I had to grab the entire Coven Crew Collection from Colourpop. Now, this is their second Hocus Pocus collaboration, and I have a feeling there is going to be a third collaboration next year. So we’re going to talk about why here in just a second, but for now, definitely grab a snack and pull up a broomstick because we’re going to be doing a full first impressions. Like, I don’t even know what I ordered here because honestly, I didn’t have a lot of time to check it out fully on Instagram. I just set the alarm, got on, ordered it, and moved on about my day. So we’re going to be checking this out together, doing comparisons to last year’s collection, talking about why they changed their packaging, why the cartoony figures, and why I think there’s going to be a third collaboration. So if you’re ready, let’s do this!


Hey, you guys, and welcome back! If you’re new here, my name is Alexandra. And I’m just going to apologize now if you hear some thumping noises in the background. It’s actually my two-year-old running back and forth upstairs right now. He’s kind of excited because he just got up from his nap. You know, mom life kind of thing. Anyways, I wanted to also show you guys this super cute shirt. I ordered this on Shein, and I have to say, super, super good quality. And these sweatpants look, they’re like reflective. I’m super, super happy with them. I’ll post a picture of the full outfit up here. But again, I ordered them on Shein. I did have to size up, but really nice quality. Shipped super fast and very, very inexpensive. If you have not checked out Shein yet, I highly, highly suggest you do. So I will link all that down below, as well as timestamps for each of the things starting with the unboxing, which we’re going to do now because I am pumped, you guys. I have not been into this yet. I waited for you all, which was hard to do. But it did just come in today, so I didn’t have to wait too long. Alright, here we go! Here it is, you guys! Okay, let me see. Let’s see what we got going on here. Well, to where it’s not in the camera’s way. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, what is this? Is this the candle? This is the candle! Oh my gosh, this is the candle! Oh, it is the candle. Oh my gosh. I thought we weren’t getting this. Okay, I have to find… I have to find, hang on one second. Okay, I’m back, and I have a lighter. I am super, super excited, you guys. I did not think that we were gonna get this. So this is what the outside packaging looks like. So excited. I’m gonna try to not mess this box up. So when you open it, that is what she looks like. It’s actually a pretty nice-sized candle. Oh, it smells like fall. Oh my gosh, that smells like fall. Alright, so candle wick is trimmed. Let’s light this puppy up. And if you are curious where I got my little electrified lighter thing here, I will link it down below. I got it on Amazon. Amazing, amazing lighter. But this is what the candle looks like. Oh my gosh. It is so cute! I love it so much. And it is actually a really nice-sized candle. Now, for those of you guys that are going to be worried about my hair burning, no worries. This is not close enough to catch my hair on fire. So we’re just gonna let the black flame candle freaking light back there. I’m so excited about that. I am keeping that packaging, so we’re gonna gently place that there. Oh, here’s the mirror. I was super excited about this because I really, really, really, really… I don’t know why. I love mirrors. I really do. But I loved the Colourpop mirror that they did for Valentine’s Day. Just for size comparison, here’s the mirror with, like, a Jeffree Star mirror. This is what we are looking at here. So that is what the mirror looks like. It’s super cute. It’s actually, like, sparkly. If you guys can see that, I didn’t actually notice that detail on Colourpop’s website. So super, super happy about that. Cadence’s favorite character is Binks. She cries every time we watch that movie at the end when he, like, you know, dies. So it looks like we have three lipsticks here. “Hello boys,” “tonight we fly,” and “calming circle.” So it’s got, like, each of the witches there on that. So let’s take a look at what these look like. Oh, these are their new lipsticks. I have not tried these yet, so this will be nice. So this is “Hello boys,” which is Sarah’s packaging here. And then “calming circle” is a nice, pretty pinky undertone nude kind of color. So that is Mary’s. And then we have, of course, Winifred, who I would like to point out is super skinny in her little cartoony images. So love that they did that, but I feel like they should have kind of stayed true because big bone witches are okay too, you know what I mean? So I kind of… I don’t know, you know what I mean? Like, let me know down below. What do you think about them kind of changing her appearance a little bit?


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“Gather round sisters, It’s time!”…time for us to review yet another Hocus Pocus Colourpop collaboration with Disney; The Coven Crew Collection. Is it worth your money or Is It more of the same? Today we are gonna find out along with an unboxing of the entire collection, some comparison swatches, a festive pumpkin eye tutorial, lip creme try on, & review.

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  1. I wasn’t feeling it with this years palette, I passed.
    I did buy the stamp for my kid and she stamped her hand repeatedly with it and well… lol, it has awesome staying power! The Jeffree Starr palette isn’t all that. I bought it for myself for my birthday and I wasn’t impressed. The liquid lipsticks are bomb though, get that.

  2. I love the neutral colors in this palette & how I can use it every day! Also love the vivid colors like black and purple!! I am very happy w my purchase. The orange shadows look stunning on you!

  3. I am still fighting with myself if I should get the coven crew eyeshadow palette. I just really do not like the packaging and do not see myself grabbing for it, but I do like the purples and oranges🙃

  4. Definitely a great fall look Alex! I've never seen the movie however I just rented it on Amazon. Thanks for sharing so glad your back! May have to talk to you please🙏❤😍

  5. Hey Alex surprisingly I ordered it as well. Didn't look with it. I must say and I'm not an expert you know nowhere near but there's a lot of kick up in that page how it a lot. Especially the black oh my goodness a lot of fall out well you know I tried to be not messy cuz I am just generally messy when I put on my eyeshadows LOL but a lot I got a lot of kick back with a lot of the shades and only that the black just it gets everywhere I tried my hardest but it got everywhere. The specs if you stamp it on look like they will stay however you know start blending and just like all the other friends out there the sparkles pretty much go away. Maybe with me some glitter primer perhaps the flex of copper will stay but I didn't try that that will be my next adventure. I'm so happy you're here! I'm so glad you uploaded I missed you so much! 👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  6. I saw a comparison of the new hocus pocus one to the new it’s a mood palette (the shades in it that matched) and it was freaking spot on. I love hocus pocus but I feel like they could have just brought back the first one since so many missed out the first time n that would have been good enough to me, rather than doing a palette with colors you literally just released in another palette. But, when u release so much, there’s going to be a lot of repeats

  7. good to see ya Alex! missed ya! 💜💋🖤Please Everyone Remember October is Pregnancy Infant Loss Awareness Month 💖💙 Skylar Nicole Damico Blong Our Little Angel in the Skye 💖💙

  8. Xoxo!!! ❤️ ❤️ So happy to see you pop up on my phone!!! I've been away with some personal stuff for a while now and I'm so outta the loop on everything!! I have soooo many videos to try to watch and get caught up!! You look absolutely beautiful as always!!! I hope all is well your way 🤗 🤗 🤗

  9. So nice to see you again Alex! I like the first Hocus Pocus Palette so much better than the second one. The 2nd one looks like just rainbow colors to me. Nothing " witchy" or " Halloweenish" about that. But the colors in the first one..those are my fall jam!

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