New Home Improvements and a Day Exploring Lanmas

**HAPPY #LANMAS DAY 7! Love you all & thanks for being here XO**


– **Peloton Treadmill** [source](
– **Landmine attachment** [source](
– **UGG Robe** [source](
– **UGG Scuffette II Slippers** [source](
– **Dyson Airwrap** [source](
– **Holiday Glam look here**: [source](
– **Artiplanto plants** [source](
– **Earrings** [source](
– **Crystal ring** [source](
– **Nails are OPI Big Apple Red** [source](
– Follow me on Instagram: @allanaramaa [source](


– **Ellie Mae Jordyn Cosmetic Bag** [source](
– **Mejuri Chunky Hoops** [source](
– **Amika Gotta Have It Set** [source](
– **Rephr Core Collection Brush Set** [source](
– **Caudalie Cleansing Oil** [source](
– **Supergoop Glowscreen** [source](
– **Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant** [source](
– **IS Clinical Triple Exfoliating Mask** [source](
– **Becca Opal Highlight**
– **Victoria Beckham Beauty Tweed Palette** [source](
– **ABH Brow Freeze** [source](
– **Merit Taupe Lip Oil** [source](
– **Tower 28 Fire Jelly Gloss** [source](
– **Nudestix x Allana Picante** [source](
– **Beauty Blender** [source](
– **Smith Cosmetics 157 Brush** [source](
– **Benefit Porefessional Setting Spray** [source](
– **A Mascara!**

To enter DAY FOUR:
– Open to EVERYONE! (yes, internationally too) – CONGRATS TO @JESSRAME XOXOXOXO

Music is from Epidemic Sound. Edits by my hunni Dejan the Man. This video contains a sponsored UGG Canada feature. Xx.

Hello my friends, welcome back to another vlog! Today is December 2nd, which means it’s Lanmas Day 2. I apologize if my voice sounds a bit off, I’ve been dealing with a cold for the past few days. But I’m feeling much better now and ready to continue with Lanmas!

I want to thank you all for the love and support on day one of Lanmas. I read through all the comments and there were so many amazing ones. Your feedback means the world to me!

Due to my illness, our plans to be in Toronto had to be rescheduled. We didn’t want to risk traveling while I was still sick. But don’t worry, we’ll be there next week. In the meantime, I’m excited to start the day with a workout. It’s been three days since I’ve been able to exercise, and I can’t wait to move my body again.

Speaking of workouts, let me introduce you to our home gym. We recently added a Peloton Treadmill and a landmine attachment. The treadmill has been a game-changer, especially since we now live outside the city and don’t have many opportunities for walks. It’s compact and fits perfectly in our garage.

As for the landmine attachment, I’m hoping it helps me achieve my booty goals. It’s nice to have the option to work out at home, even on days when I don’t want to do a full-on sweaty workout.

Thank you again for all your support and recommendations. I appreciate every single one of you. Stay tuned for more Lanmas videos and giveaways. Love you all! #LANMAS

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HAPPY #LANMAS DAY 7! Love you all & thanks for being here XO

Peloton Treadmill
Landmine attachment
UGG Robe
UGG Scuffette II Slippers
Dyson Airwrap
Holiday Glam look here:
Artiplanto plants
Crystal ring
Nails are OPI Big Apple Red

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Ellie Mae Jordyn Cosmetic Bag
Mejuri Chunky Hoops
Amika Gotta Have It Set
Rephr Core Collection Brush Set
Caudalie Cleansing Oil
Supergoop Glowscreen
Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant
IS Clinical Triple Exfoliating Mask
Becca Opal Highlight
Victoria Beckham Beauty Tweed Palette
ABH Brow Freeze
Merit Taupe Lip Oil
Tower 28 Fire Jelly Gloss
Nudestix x Allana Picante
Beauty Blender
Smith Cosmetics 157 Brush
Benefit Porefessional Setting Spray
& A Mascara!

To enter DAY FOUR: * open to EVERYONE! (yes, internationally tooo xx)

Music is from Epidemic Sound
Edits by my hunni Dejan the Man
This video contains a sponsored UGG Canada feature XxEllie Mae

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Written by Allana Davison


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  1. Olive trees everywhere … you could get a real fiddle and put it out all summer (mine grew over a foot and put out about 15 new leaves last summer in Toronto) bring it in slowly for a few hours a day in the Fall to get it used to lower light indoors … then buy it a pretty ceiling hanging grow light and it will flourish @gardenbre

  2. I discovered you at the beginning of the pandemic. I am a 36 year old Canadian mom who was born with significant fine motor disabilities and when the world shut down, I decided it was the time to finally discover how to play with makeup and figure out how to successfully execute cute looks with my very shaky hands!! My lovely sister who is awesomely talented at makeup told me about you and I have so enjoyed your looks! I have loved makeup and fashion all my life and I just wanted to take minute and say thank you for helping me delve deeper and learn to enjoy
    both so much more during this weird time 🙂

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