New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 Featuring Runa Ray

## From the Runway: Narae Spring Summer 2017 Collection at New York Fashion Week

Welcome to Fashion One, the ONE channel dedicated to fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle! In this video, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes of the Narae Spring Summer 2017 collection runway show at New York Fashion Week.

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In this captivating runway show, Narae presents a collection that is both simple and elegant. The stunning clothes take center stage, complemented by a beautiful makeup look. The models showcase a lovely cream blush, a wash of gold on the eyes, and a natural lip color called Italian rose. The hairstyle for this show features textured dreadlocks, adding an interesting accent to the overall look.

The inspiration behind the collection is how a piece of paper can transform itself into a 3D masterpiece. The designer has manipulated fabric, creating unique patterns, creases, and folds. The collection includes luxurious silk and poly fabrics, adding to the overall allure.

This video captures the excitement of New York Fashion Week, with interviews from attendees including David Lim, whose girlfriend is walking in the show. Join us as we delve into the world of fashion and witness the evolution of a designer’s journey.

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Code Number: 112992
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