Nike’s approach to solving the biggest problem for girls in sports

PARAGRAPH 1: The importance of female coaches in sports

PARAGRAPH 2: The historical lack of female coaches in sports

PARAGRAPH 3: The impact of puberty on girls’ relationship with sports

PARAGRAPH 4: The data on girls dropping out of sports during puberty

PARAGRAPH 5: The role of coaches in girls’ sports experiences during puberty

PARAGRAPH 6: The physical and psychological barriers for girls in sports during puberty

PARAGRAPH 7: The need for female coaches to support girls during puberty

PARAGRAPH 8: The benefits of mentorship and positive youth development for girls in sports

PARAGRAPH 9: The personal impact of female coaches on former athletes

PARAGRAPH 10: Nike’s goal to train 20,000 female coaches

PARAGRAPH 11: Nike’s commitment to increasing girl participation in sports programs by 2025

PARAGRAPH 12: The lifelong benefits of sports for young women.

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