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Welcome to Crafting and Relaxing! In this video, I’m excited to share with you a stunning birthday card that my friend Nonie made for me. This card is truly a knockout!

The card features a beautiful blue envelope adorned with stars. As I opened it, I was greeted with the message, “Hey there birthday girl, sorry to hear you’re getting old.” But the inside message quickly uplifted my spirits, saying, “Every age is the perfect age. Happy birthday!” Nonie used stamping techniques to create this heartfelt sentiment, complemented by blue stars.

What makes this card even more special is that Nonie used both a silhouette and scanning cut machine to create the card front. As she’s still learning to use the scanning cut, she ventured into cutting her own stencils, resulting in a highly customized shaker card. The blending of blue ink on the card is simply gorgeous. I’m curious to know if the silver accents were splattered or if Nonie painstakingly created each tiny dot by hand. The dimensional effect adds a touch of elegance.

Inside the shaker, Nonie included more stars, showcasing her attention to detail. She also gifted me a collection of stamped sayings from her stamp set, which I can use to make cards or stuff the backs of pocket letters. Nonie’s experiments with cutting stars resulted in extra cutouts, which she generously added to the card. Additionally, she included one of her stencils, allowing me to create a similar card.

It’s incredible to see Nonie’s progression in cardmaking, as she hasn’t been doing it for long. Her creativity and skills shine through in this fabulous birthday card. If you think you can’t create something like this, remember to stick with it and keep practicing. Nonie’s journey proves that anyone can create amazing cards with determination and passion.

Lastly, I want to mention the adorable back of the card that Nonie designed. It’s just too cute!

If you have any questions about the products used in this card, please leave a comment down below. Nonie will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Thank you, Nonie, for this beautiful birthday card. It truly is a knockout and I absolutely love it!

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Check out this birthday card!!!

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Thanks so much for watching!!! I appreciate every comment and thumbs up!Nonie

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  1. I'm so happy that you and your followers like it. The splatter is perfect Pearl's, I think it's the first time I've done that, but I love the effect it had on the card. A very happy birthday to you a few days early.

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