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**Title: NOTIFRANQUICIA – EL NOBLE | Join the Leading Empanadas Franchise in Argentina**


Welcome to NOTIFRANQUICIA – EL NOBLE, the pioneering franchise in Argentina for over 30 years. As the leading empanadas chain in our country, we are seeking entrepreneurs who want to become part of our big family. Our successful expansion model has made us a leader in both the national and international markets.

At EL NOBLE, we believe that our franchisees are strategic partners representing our brand. They are our arms, our eyes, and the visible face of our business. Their importance cannot be overstated. Currently, we have over 100 franchised locations and 300 EL NOBLE spaces, which is a unique franchise format with a significant number of outlets. Our goal for next year is to double the number of franchised locations and reach 200 points of sale by the end of 2017.

Joining EL NOBLE as a franchisee means having your own business. If you come from a gastronomy background, you already have an advantage. But it’s not just about owning a business; it’s about the product, the brand, and the reputation we have built in the country. Our quality combined with all these factors makes EL NOBLE an attractive choice.

EL NOBLE boasts the most modern frozen food production plant in Latin America. With a monthly production capacity exceeding 5.5 million units, we can guarantee the quality of our frozen products and their distribution across the entire national territory.

We are looking for active franchisees who will be involved in the business in some way. Becoming an EL NOBLE franchisee not only generates employment but also provides independence and the opportunity to have your own successful business. If you are someone who wants to have their own business, achieve financial independence, and grow, then EL NOBLE is the perfect opportunity for you.

Join us now and be part of the success stories we share at NOTIFRANQUICIA. Don’t miss our upcoming edition. Subscribe and stay tuned!


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