Novo passeio pela loja de Helo Rocha no Quero Já!

# Helo Rocha’s Revitalized Etiquette and Store: A Quero Já Feature

In this episode of Quero Já, Donata Meirelles meets with fashion designer Helo Rocha to explore her renewed store and brand. Vogue Brasil provides viewers with an exclusive look at Helo’s inspired clothing collection, which draws its influence from the orixás of Bahia. The designer gives a tour of her shop, showcasing her vibrant collection of feminine party dresses, stunning bridal gowns, and intricately embroidered blouses.

Rocha’s unique blend of reds, yellows, and blacks, combined with eye-catching patterns, adds unparalleled elegance and vibrancy to her clothing line. Her new collection has something for everyone, from casual day wear, to head-turning evening wear, and even bridal gowns.

In addition to her stunning clothing line, Helo Rocha has also partnered with Rafa Falso for an exclusive line of accessories. The collection features a striking mix of gold and silver, with beautiful beading and intricate details.

Join Donata Meirelles and Vogue Brasil in discovering Helo Rocha’s revitalized brand, and explore the designer’s collection for your next event, wedding, or party. Subscribe to Vogue Brasil for more fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

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Helo Rocha apresenta sua reformulada etiqueta – e loja – a Donata Meirelles no novo Quero Já!

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  1. Maravilhoso o trabalho de Helô. Lindíssimo e precioso. Incrível também sua paixão pela coleção que desenvolveu, claramente, com muito orgulho. E Donata sempre Donata!

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