NYFW S/S 2020: Tanya Taylor Unveils New Collection.

## Behind the Scenes at Tanya Taylor’s 2020 Spring/Summer Presentation at NYFW

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of Tanya Taylor’s 2020 Spring/Summer Presentation at New York Fashion Week! Olivia Garden, the industry leader in high-performance professional beauty tools, was proud to supply the hair team with our state of the art products.

Our supreme quality brushes and styling tools facilitated the creation of stunning hair looks, complimenting the diverse and inclusive casting of the models. The unique color combinations and prints of Tanya Taylor’s garments added a vibrancy and festive touch to the event.

The lead hair stylist, Shingo Shibata of The Wall Group, and the music by TheySeeUsOfficial added an extra flair to the fashion showcase. All captured perfectly by videographer Brad Stanley.

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Behind the scenes at Tanya Taylor 2020 Spring/Summer Presentation at NYFW. Olivia Garden was proud to supply the hair team with our high performance professional beauty tools. We loved the diverse and inclusive casting of the models and the color combinations and prints of the garments!

LEAD HAIR: Shingo Shibata of The Wall Group
MUSIC: @TheySeeUsOfficial “Falling Sun”
VIDEO: Brad Stanley

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