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**Title:** Exploring Black Fashion and Representation | Conversations with Célula Preta

**Description:** Join members of Célula Preta – a group of black fashion creatives – including Diego Gama, Fabio Costa, Hisan Silva, Jal Vieira, Pedro Batalha, and Weider Silveiro as they discuss their work, influences, and the importance of representation. Get insights into their experiences and how they navigate the fashion industry as black individuals. Discover the power of Célula Preta in creating an inclusive space for black fashion professionals.

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00:00 Introduction to Célula Preta

03:18 Diego Gama – Fashion and Experimentation

05:32 Hisan Silva – Nordestinas’ Influence on Fashion

07:48 Pedro Batalha – Building Self-esteem and Embracing Diversity

09:58 Weider Silveiro – Inclusion in Fashion

12:07 Fábio Costa – A Dialogue on Black Representation

15:28 The Formation and Purpose of Célula Preta

18:44 Personal Growth and Support within Célula Preta

21:12 Reflecting on the Impact of Célula Preta

24:05 Closing Thoughts and Future Aspirations

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Com os integrantes da Célula Preta Diego Gama, Fabio Costa, Hisan Silva, Jal Vieira, Pedro Batalha e Weider SilveiroIsabela Capeto

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