Obsessed with New Silhouette and Fabric: My Playful Adventure

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Are you tired of dresses that restrict your movement and leave you constantly worrying about wardrobe malfunctions? Well, look no further because I’ve got the ultimate solution for you – the Superdress by @popflexactive!

Designed with women’s comfort and freedom of movement in mind, the Superdress features a revolutionary silhouette and fabric. Here’s what makes it stand out:

– It has anti- shorts with no front seam to ensure a comfortable and worry-free experience.
– Pockets, because who doesn’t love the convenience of having a place to store their essentials?
– Made with stretchy and lightweight fabric, because breathing and eating should never be compromised.
– Thick and adjustable straps that prioritize your comfort. After all, every torso is different!
– An elegant square neckline that gives you that Bridgerton-inspired look.
– A waist-snatching panel for a flattering silhouette.
– A cute slit that not only adds a touch of style but also enhances leg movement.
– A longer skirt in the back for extra booty coverage.

No matter your body size, the Superdress has got you covered, as it is available in sizes XXS-3X.

Now, you might be wondering about sizing. As someone who is very particular about dresses, I usually size down for all brands to achieve a cinched waist and boosted bust. However, I recommend sticking to your normal size for the Superdress, as it is designed to fit true to size. Please note that if you plan on getting the black color, it is advisable to size up, as the fabric has a slightly reduced stretchiness due to the dyeing process.

Get ready to embrace the freedom of movement and effortless elegance with the Superdress, available in 4 stunning colors on []( Which one is your favorite?

Don’t miss out on this game-changing dress that will revolutionize your wardrobe. Upgrade your style and experience the joy of unrestricted movement. Get your Superdress now and step into a world of comfort and style!

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Shop the Superdress

I truly believe that women’s clothing has to be designed in a way that moves WITH our bodies, not against it. I’m sick of dresses that restrict me! Like can’t I pick up something I dropped without worrying if my underwear is showing? Can’t I not have to cross my legs bc I’m afraid of someone is going to look up my skirt? I’m tired of it. I feel like I’ve got work to do outside the activewear space too if I’m going to make a real change in women’s clothing…

Anyway, I want to share with you my latest @popflexactive workout dress design…I call this my Superdress!

I am playing with a brand new silhouette and fabric, and I’m loooove how sleek it turned out. Here’s what’s up:

anti- shorts with no front seam
pockets cuz duh
stretchy lightweight fabric bc breathing and eating are v important
thick, adjustable straps bc comfort and all our torsos are diff
square neckline bc Bridgerton boobs obvs
waist snatching panel cuz always
slit bc it’s cute but also helps with leg movement
longer skirt in the back for booty coverage

I’m trying a new pattern that’s a bit less twirly so that it gives more of a simplistic elegance. I love the sleek lines so much.

I’m 5’5”, normally a small, wearing an XS HOWEVER I think you should get your normal size. I am very very particular when it comes to dresses. I size down in dresses for all brands bc I like the extra snatch it gives my waist and the extra lift it gives my boobs, but I think you’ll be safer in your normal size! Also one more thing! If you plan on getting black, size up from your normal size! The black dye made the fabric a tad less stretchy so you’ll want to account for that.

The Superdress is on @popflexactive in 4 colors! Which is your fave?


What do you think?

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  1. It is so expensive! $94 for a dress is very expensive for me. I love the way she designs it tho. I would like to request for an affordable version of all your active wears😅

  2. That only works on skinny/fit women, try to fit an obese chick or just a bit overweight one into one of those.. Yeah, ain't gonna happen. Also how quickly can you get to the toilet in those? What about outdoor sex? People acting like this is some magical fix over regular dresses, and it really isn't. And you don't HAVE TO bend certain way, you CHOOSE to.

  3. That kinda ruins the 2nd purpose of sundresses and dresses in general for men…

    I personally recommend stockings or similar, way more attractive.

    If the goal is to have an athletic dress, then sure this works.

  4. I love girls who have massive Pocket actually I dis- (she means like a sports bra) I'll allow it… Also the extra longer back part of the dress make you look bigger which is good

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