Organizing and Streamlining My Makeup Collection

**HAPPY #LANMAS DAY 4! Decluttering and Organizing My Makeup Collection | Studio Update**

Welcome to Day 4 of #LANMAS! In today’s video, I’ll be tackling my makeup collection and giving it a much-needed clearout and organization. Plus, I’ll be giving you an update on the progress of the studio and sharing some general decor tips. I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can start working down there in the new year!

**Check out the products mentioned in this video:**

– Pyjamas: [Link](
– Airwrap: [Link](
– Red Sweatsuit: [Link](
– Ikea Kallax: [Link](
– Kallax Drawer inserts: [Link](
– Ikea Rug: [Link](
– CB2 handles: [Link](
– Amazon ~dupes~: [Link](
– Earrings + chain necklace + gold bangle + most of the jewellery: [Link](
– Crystal ring: [Link](
– Nails: OPI Big Apple Red [Link](

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– Ellie Mae Jordyn Cosmetic Bag: [Link](
– Mejuri Chunky Hoops: [Link](
– Amika Gotta Have It Set: [Link](
– Rephr Core Collection Brush Set: [Link](
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– Tower 28 Fire Jelly Gloss: [Link](
– Nudestix x Allana Picante: [Link](
– Beauty Blender: [Link](
– Smith Cosmetics 157 Brush: [Link](
– Benefit Porefessional Setting Spray: [Link](

**About the Video:**

In this video, I take you along as I declutter and organize my makeup collection in preparation for the new year. With the new studio coming together, it’s important for me to have a dedicated space for my beauty products. I share some tips and advice on how to keep your makeup collection organized and manageable. Watch until the end for a sneak peek at the progress of the studio and stay tuned for a future studio tour! Thank you for joining me on this journey and Happy Lanmas XO

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**Transcript of the Video:**

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HAPPY #LANMAS DAY 4! Today we are tackling the makeup collection and giving it a good clearout and organize. What do you think of the studio so far?! We are so impatiently waiting and excited for it to be finished and to be able to work down there in the new year! Any general decor tips and advice are always welcome hehe and hopefully a finished studio tour won’t be too far in the future. Love you all & thanks for being here, Happy Lanmas XO

Red Sweatsuit
Ikea Kallax
Kallax Drawer inserts
Ikea Rug
CB2 handles
Amazon ~dupes~
Earrings + chain necklace + gold bangle + most of the jewellery:
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Crystal ring
Nails are OPI Big Apple Red

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Ellie Mae Jordyn Cosmetic Bag
Mejuri Chunky Hoops
Amika Gotta Have It Set
Rephr Core Collection Brush Set
Caudalie Cleansing Oil
Supergoop Glowscreen
Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant
IS Clinical Triple Exfoliating Mask
Becca Opal Highlight
Victoria Beckham Beauty Tweed Palette
ABH Brow Freeze
Merit Taupe Lip Oil
Tower 28 Fire Jelly Gloss
Nudestix x Allana Picante
Beauty Blender
Smith Cosmetics 157 Brush
Benefit Porefessional Setting Spray
& A Mascara!

To enter DAY THREE: * open to EVERYONE! (yes, internationally tooo xx)

Music is from Epidemic Sound
Edits by my hunni Dejan the Man
This video is not sponsored XxEllie Mae

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Written by Allana Davison


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  1. I hear you on the seasonal depression! I'm on the Canadian prairies. I commute to work in the dark (sunrise is 8:30 am right now) and commute home in the dark for 5 months of the year. Sometimes it feels like I don't see the sun for weeks & months on end. On the weekends it is always SUPER cold (-30C this morning) and very grey!! Have struggled with SADs for most of my adult life!

    Watching this at 10am with a sweatshirt on, hood up, under a fuzzy blanket 🥶

  2. Have you tried holding the air wrap with the curl attachment upside down like how Sam does it in her tutorial? Also using the smaller of the curling attachments definitely makes for better curls!

  3. I love decluttering videos. I love makeup and it's so much fun to see what other people have. I do think the rug helped. We're going to br replacing all of our flooring and I'm definitely putting carpet in my office. I'm an online teacher, so it has to be a no echo zone. I'm sorry if this is a duplicate entry, that's not my intention. I think my entries are being deleted, I'm not sure what I'm doing

  4. Ok, so next time you need to see an ophthalmologist (studies the structure and function of the eye as a whole) not an optometrist (measures refraction for correction, ie glasses and contacts.) And an allergist to determine what you are actually allergic to. Signed, a former optometrist’s assistant.

  5. celebrating my 3rd Lanmas ✌️😝 I truly want to see how you de lutter your closet… I need to see the thinking process in real time so that I can implement that in my own life @aamy.hannaa

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