Organizing My Weekly Outfits

**Title: Planning Outfits for the Week | Closet Dive & Lookbook**

Welcome to my channel! In this video, I’ll be taking you on a journey into my closet as I plan my outfits for the week ahead. Join me as I cut down on decision-making time in the morning and create a ready-to-go rail of outfits. Stay tuned for more videos and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: [@allanaramaa](


Here’s a list of the items featured in this video:

1. H&M Linen Robe
2. Jenny Bird Toni Necklace
3. Zara Vest
4. NAKD Blouse w/ tie sleeve
5. NAKD Slit Leggings
6. Zara white Jeans
7. NAKD Faux Leather Blazer
8. Agolde Balloon Jeans
9. Toteme Boots
10. Ellie Mae Studios Blouse
11. Vince Wool Pants (old)
12. Everlane Loafers
13. H&M Blue Stripe Shirt
14. Denim Forum Mia Jeans
15. Zara Blue Heels
16. Zara Linen Dress/shirt
17. Agolde 90’s Ripped Jeans
18. Zara Mule Heels
19. H&M Blazer (similar)
20. Agolde Bodysuit
21. NAKD X Fashion Fraction pants
22. Massimo Dutti Knit top
23. Zara White Pants
24. Ellie Mae Studios Yellow Blazer
25. Re Done Jeans

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Music in this video is from [Epidemic Sound](

*The edits in this video were done by Dejan the Man.*

Be sure to check the description box below for all the links to the featured items. Keep in mind that some products may be sold out or no longer available, so use this as style inspiration to recreate similar looks with items you already have in your closet.

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HI PALS! Let’s take a dive into the closet and plan some outfits for the week ahead! Cutting down the time spent on that decision making in the morning and having a lil rail ready to go! Thanks for watching fam and see you all soon for a new video XOXOXOXOOX

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H&M Linen Robe
Jenny Bird Toni Necklace
Zara Vest
NAKD Blouse w/ tie sleeve
NAKD Slit Leggings
Zara white Jeans
NAKD Faux Leather Blazer
Agolde Balloon Jeans
Toteme Boots
Ellie Mae Studios Blouse
Vince Wool Pants (old)
Everlane Loafers
H&M Blue Stripe Shirt
Denim Forum Mia Jeans
Zara Blue Heels
Zara Linen Dress/shirt
Agolde 90’s Ripped Jeans
Zara Mule Heels
H&M Blazer (similar)
Agolde Bodysuit
NAKD X Fashion Fraction pants
Massimo Dutti Knit top
Zara White Pants
Ellie Mae Studios Yellow Blazer
Re Done Jeans

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Music is from Epidemic Sound
Edits by my hunni Dejan the Man
* This video is not sponsored XOEllie Mae

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Written by Allana Davison


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  1. My favorite is the second, all beige outfit. It suits your body shape the best! Second favorite would be a tie between the vest with all black and the green shirt dress with the medium wash jeans and tan mules. You also look SO GOOD in anything ivory/white. Just stunning 😍

  2. This is by far my favorite fit’s videos, major office inspo. Loose yet fitted opposites are my vibe. Some of these outfits reminded me of Tracee Ellis Ross in Girlfriends but in todays world if that makes sense. Love loved this ❤️

  3. I love your style. ♥️ It would be really neat to do a follow up video with all the same pieces, but rotated and paired in different ways. #minimalistattempt
    Outfit ideas:
    The green shirt dress with the white/cream blazer (sleeves partially rolled/cuffed)
    The tan striped shirt with blue denim jeans, either of the tan shoes
    The over-sized white button-down with the black jeans, any shoes
    The yellow jacket with the same blue jeans but with the white sleeveless bodysuit under, white sneakers
    The blue and white striped shirt (not fully buttoned, partial tuck) with the black jeans and white sneakers

  4. Welcome to the Overthinkers Club! (I’m a charter member. 😉) IMHO, you do an amazing job of styling your wardrobe. I know this sounds a little bit “Garanimals” in nature, but maybe if you planned your outfit every night before bed you’d feel less stymied by choices? Also, try taking your pants to be tailored – I’m sure they can nip the waist for you.

  5. Thank YOU for making a “outfits of the week” that is kinda affordable! You’re giving a poor student some good inspiration for my spring collection 🧥👠👗👖👞👟👡

  6. lovedddd all these outfits! will definitely take some inspo from this. ☺️ I think the first one would look great with some leather leggings plus more comfortable and can either wear sneakers or heels 🙂

  7. I think if you are wearing that long linen dress more as a shirt with pants, you could wear like a white body suit under it and have it unbuttoned so it’s like a over shirt kinda style, that might be cute! Multiple ways to wear it, so versatile

  8. I love this kind of video 😍 It made me think it would be so fun if you booked a FaceTime style consultation with Allison Bornstein, also on YT, and filmed it!

  9. Love the planning format and hearing how you feel about your choices and really I love seeing the things that didn't work and how you corrected it. So often i try an outfit, hate how it fits and stop trying with that piece so I appreciate that.

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