Osklen – São Paulo Fashion Week Verão 2011

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Get an exclusive backstage interview with Oskar Metsavaht and catch a glimpse of the stunning runway at SPFW Verão 2011. Join Alice Lobo as she takes you behind the scenes of this prestigious fashion event.

Oskar Metsavaht, the incredible mind behind Osklen, shares his insights into the world of fashion and how his designs exemplify the perfect blend of style and sustainability. This fashion show is not to be missed, as it showcases Metsavaht’s innovative creations that have taken the fashion industry by storm.

Immerse yourself in the world of SPFW as Alice Lobo captures the essence of this extraordinary event. Experience the excitement and beauty of the runway as it comes to life during this remarkable fashion week.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the latest trends and designs in the fashion world. Join us on June 10, 2010, as we delve into the world of fashion with Alice Lobo and Oskar Metsavaht. Subscribe now for more fashion inspiration!

For more information on Oskar Metsavaht and Osklen, visit their official website: [Osklen Official Website](

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Veja entrevista com Oskar Metsavaht no backstage do desfile + imagens da passarela. SPFW Verão 2011. Dia 10 de junho de 2010. Por Alice Lobo.Osklen

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