Osklen Spring/Summer 2017 featuring Marlon Teixeira

**[Rio Moda Rio](** – A stunning fashion event showcasing the latest trends and designs at Pier Mauá in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. Witness the fusion of art, style, and culture in this unforgettable runway extravaganza.

**Date:** 17.06.2016

For more fashion inspiration, follow Marlon Teixeira, one of Brazil’s most prominent male models, on [Twitter]( and explore the captivating photos on [Marlito’s Tumblr](

**Marlon Teixeira** – Hailing from Balneario Camboriu in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Marlon Teixeira is a true global sensation. With a diverse background that encompasses Portuguese, Indian, and Japanese heritage, Marlon’s unique look has captivated the fashion industry worldwide.

Agency affiliations include Way Model Management in Sao Paulo (Mother Agency), Wilhelmina in New York and Los Angeles, MGM in Paris, Next Models in London, Kult Model Agency in Hamburg, Sight Management Studio in Barcelona, Fashion in Milan, Scoop Models in Copenhagen, and Nest Model Management in Berlin. Marlon Teixeira is currently ranked an impressive 7th on’s prestigious list of the Top 50 international male models.

Don’t miss Marlon’s electrifying presence in the Osklen runway show. Immerse yourself in the world of high fashion with this captivating video. Watch now!

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Rio Moda Rio
Located: Pier Mauá – Rio de Janeiro
Date: 17.06.2016

Marlon Teixeira
Place of Origin: Balneario Camboriu/Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Ethnic Origin: Half Portuguese, 1/4 Indian, 1/4 Japanese.
Agencies: Way Model Management (Mother Agency, Sao Paulo), Wilhelmina (New York,Los Angeles), MGM (Paris), Next Models (London), Kult Model Agency (Hamburg), Sight Management Studio (Barcelona), Fashion (Milan), Scoop Models (Copenhagen), Nest Model Management (Berlin).
He is currently ranked 7th on list of the Top 50 international male models.Osklen

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