Outtakes from Sarah’s Off the Grid Design Journey

**Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe Hilarious Outtakes | Sarah Off the Grid**
In this hilarious behind-the-scenes video, Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe let loose and reveal their most side-splitting bloopers from the set of “Sarah Off the Grid.” Get ready to laugh as this dynamic duo shares their funny moments and witty banter.

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– [Sarah] Oh, they just have that smell of old furniture.
– [Tommy] No, they have that smell of granny’s panties.
– [Sarah] Well, no idea is a bad idea.
– [Tommy] Sure, there are plenty of bad ideas. I could, like, let… Don’t get me started on bad ideas.
– [Sarah] Agreeing to do this whole thing was a bad idea, okay?
– [Tommy] I don’t know which way I want to walk in. Go downstairs and come back up? If I walk in, I might not come back!
– [Sarah] She’s lost it and we have lost her.
– [Tommy] Gosh, we did a good job.
– [Sarah] I know, we’re really good at congratulating ourselves.
– [Tommy] I’ll get a job, do you feel like you’ve done that?
– [Sarah] I’m doing a fabulous job here. Great, such a great job.
– [Tommy] I am doing an amazing job too, oh my god.
– [Sarah] No, no, that looks like this cat’s sh*t.
– [Tommy] Here’s another green, this looks like unicorn farts! It’s too much.
– [Sarah] I can’t watch a movie, there’s a bunch of camera crew right here. I think they already know.

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