Paloma Wool, Pressiat and Vaquera champion diversity and rebellion

Diversity and inclusivity remain at the forefront of some of the newest and most exciting labels to emerge during Paris Fashion Week, with brands like Paloma Wool, Pressiat, and Vaquera championing underrepresented identities. Paloma Lanna, founder of Spanish brand Paloma Wool, is determined to showcase not only her new clothing range, but also the challenges faced by mothers. Similarly, French designer Vincent Garnier Pressiat seeks to break down societal barriers by showcasing his ‘genderless’ clothing line at Parisian nightclub Le Carmen. Contrastingly, the New York-based brand Vaquera seeks to celebrate the avant-garde, with asymmetrical prom dresses and sheer wedding gowns worn on top of outfits. Despite a lack of inclusion in some fashion houses, these brands aim to showcase diverse beauty and identity, offering a fresh perspective on what is possible in the fashion industry.

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Written by Steve Barth

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