Paolo Gasparini: Un destacado referente del fotolibro latinoamericano

**Title: Paolo Gasparini: Exploring the Transformative Power of Images | KBr Center by Fundación MAPFRE**


Welcome to the KBr Center by Fundación MAPFRE in Barcelona! In this exciting video, we invite you to join us on a comprehensive journey through the remarkable career of artist Paolo Gasparini. Known for his captivating photographs and masterful use of the photobook as a storytelling device, Gasparini has played a crucial role in shaping the history of photography in the Americas.

Join curator María Wills Londoño as she highlights Gasparini’s significant contributions as one of the leading representatives of Latin American photobooks. Through his lens, he not only captures stunning images but also portrays the complexities and contradictions of the American continent.

Over six decades, Gasparini has documented diverse and ever-evolving “mutant cities” such as Caracas, Havana, São Paulo, and Mexico City, with echoes of Munich, Paris, and London. Through his voyages and travels, he reveals the vibrancy and interconnectedness of these urban landscapes.

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El centro KBr de Fundación MAPFRE (Barcelona) presenta ‘Paolo Gasparini. Campo de imágenes’, un recorrido completo por la trayectoria de este artista centrado tanto en sus fotografías como en otro de sus soportes principales de expresión, el fotolibro, mecanismo narrativo crucial para definir la historia de la fotografía en el continente americano. Su comisaria, María Wills Londoño, destaca que Gasparini es “uno de los grandes representantes del fotolibro latinoamericano” y el que “retrata mejor que nadie las contradicciones del continente”. Seis décadas de carrera fotográfica que ofrecen, en su conjunto, un itinerario por diversas ‘urbes mutantes’: Caracas, La Habana, São Paulo, Ciudad de México, pero también con resonancias en Múnich, París o Londres.

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