Paparazzo agredido por Livia Brito busca justicia un año después del incidente | De Primera Mano

# Livia Brito and her boyfriend face legal troubles for assaulting photographer Ernesto Zepeda

In this video, paparazzi photographer Ernesto Zepeda shares his ongoing battle for justice against actress Livia Brito and her boyfriend. Despite a year passing since the incident, Zepeda has yet to receive the confiscated and damaged material. Join us on De Primera Mano, Monday to Friday at 3 p.m., with hosts Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Mónica Noguera, Addis Tuñón, and Lalo Carrillo on Imagen Televisión.

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**Video Transcript:**

Host: Good day! We are now connecting with photographer Ernesto Cepeda, who we remember was assaulted a year ago by actress Livia Brito and her boyfriend. Today, Ernesto is denouncing the authorities’ disregard for his demand. Ernesto, greetings. It’s sad to hear that you still haven’t received your damaged and confiscated equipment. Can you update us on the current situation?

Ernesto: Hello Monica, hello everyone. A year has passed since I suffered the assault and theft by actress Livia Brito. The case files have not been integrated yet. It’s taking longer than expected. My lawyers said it would take three to six months, but it’s already been a year. It’s an exaggeration. They returned some of my equipment, but not all of it. I never received it again. Look, my camera and the long lens I used for my work are still at the prosecutor’s office. They were rented equipment for me to work. So, we requested a meeting with the prosecutor, but it was denied. They gave a 90-day deadline to integrate the case and they haven’t done it yet. So, by the first week of August, we should have some news about it.

Host: Ernesto, we wanted to ask you about the recent development where you were accused around a month and a half ago. It was a quick response on their part. Can you tell us more about it?

Ernesto: Well, it seems like they are acting in sync, because in my case too, I was required immediately. But it took a long time for the prosecutor handling the case to respond to the evidence we presented. We believed we weren’t intruding on their privacy. We made several accusations, and after two months, they responded. It seems like there’s an overall apathy towards other matters. My lawyers also approached a politician for assistance, thinking that if I asked for help, maybe other people did too. Otherwise, the process would have proceeded much faster. So, there’s a concern about possible influence peddling.

Host: Despite presenting all the evidence such as the video of the assault, the photos showing your injuries, and even the conversation with the politician, they seem to keep delaying the process. Livia Brito made a public apology which she later revoked and attacked you verbally through the media. This situation is quite strange, isn’t it?

Ernesto: Yes, exactly. Everything is out in the media. The videos showing them carrying my bag and equipment were released. I would be willing to take a lie detector test with Livia Brito if necessary. This way, it will be clear that she never approached me before the incident and I never pushed her as she claimed in her apology. It’s all lies. She also mentioned that I asked her to delete the photos, but that’s not true at all. When I took the very last photo, I realized she saw me and I sat down. She then came running and slapped me hard because I told her to calm down and that we should talk. Then her boyfriend joined in and started throwing punches. I wish she could speak the truth, but I know that’s not who she is.

Host: Analyzing the situation, do you think they are deliberately prolonging the process to tire you out and make you give up? Let’s be honest, your financial situation is not the same as theirs, as Livia is a lead actress in telenovelas. You also have to pay lawyers and rent equipment. Could they be dragging it out to create an economic burden for you to eventually give up?

Ernesto: Yes, that could be a possibility. Apart from that, it’s mentally draining, as I have to pay someone to do my job. But if we analyze it properly, Livia is not poor, and I don’t mean materialistically. She lacks empathy, solidarity, and reasoning. She can’t admit her mistake and apologize properly. So, I will continue with all necessary legal processes until they are held accountable, and I can get back to my work and recover what I have spent.

Host: Thank you, Ernesto. We will continue to support you during this process.

Ernesto: Thank you, Eduardo Carrillo.

El paparazzi #ErnestoZepeda lleva un año solicitando justicia por las agresiones que #LiviaBrito y su novio le hicieron. Sigue sin recibir el material que le dañaron y confiscaron.

No te pierdas lo mejor del espectáculo de lunes a viernes De Primera Mano a las 3 p.m. con Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Mónica Noguera, Addis Tuñón y Lalo Carrillo por Imagen Televisión.

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