Part 1: I’ve Never Had so Much Difficulty Doing my Makeup #Makeup #MakeupTutorial #MakeupChallenge

**Title:** Trying Out a Challenging Makeup Look: Fard à Paupières, Liner, and More!


In this video, I take on the challenge of recreating a bold and complex makeup look using fard à paupières, liner, and more. Follow along as I navigate the difficulties of blending, shaping my eyebrows, and achieving the perfect winged liner.

To start, I use a filter to add some fun to the process, but things quickly become tricky as I struggle to get the fard à paupières just right. The hardest part, I soon find out, is the eyeliner. I experiment with different techniques, like mixing the liner with water or adding additional layers, but still struggle to get it right.

Throughout the video, I offer tips and tricks based on my own experience struggling with this look, including techniques for shaping eyebrows and ensuring the liner is in the right place.

If you are looking for inspiration for a challenging new makeup look, or just want to enjoy some fun and relatable videos, be sure to watch and subscribe to my channel.

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