Part 1: Local Parade – Featuring Eve Gravel, Noemiah, and Elisa C Rossow Brands

# Local Fashion Show: Part 1 featuring Quebec Designers Eve Gravel, Noemiah, and Elisa C Rossow

Looking for some incredible Quebec fashion designers? You’re in the right place! Join us for Part 1 of our 100% Local Fashion Show, featuring the extraordinary talents of Eve Gravel, Noemiah, and Elisa C Rossow.

At the Festival Mode et Design, we’re passionate about supporting local designers and building solidarity within our community. By buying locally, we can all encourage the growth and success of Quebec’s fashion industry.

In this stunning showcase, you’ll be treated to a variety of incredible designs and breathtaking performances. Witness the unparalleled creativity and unique style of these three outstanding designers, and discover your next favorite piece.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! And don’t forget to subscribe to the Festival Mode et Design channel for more inspiring fashion content.

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Découvrez la 1ère partie du défilé de mode 100% Local avec les marques Eve Gravel, Noemiah et Elisa C Rossow.

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