Part 1 of the Studio Pottery Process: Creating a Ring-Shaped Vase Using Neriage Technique

# Making a Ring-Shaped Flower Vase Using the Neriage Technique

Watch as we demonstrate the process of creating a stunning ring-shaped flower vase using the neriage technique. From preparing the clay to throwing it on the potter’s wheel, you’ll see every step of this mesmerizing process set to calming acoustic music.

## Pottery at Its Finest

At Saori M Stoneware, we create handmade pottery using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. This video showcases our vast knowledge of studio ceramics, ceramic making, porcelain techniques, and the wheel throwing process.

## Relaxing and Soothing

This video is perfect for relaxing and soothing your mind. The calming acoustic music combined with the mesmerizing process of creating pottery will leave you feeling at peace. It’s an ideal waiting room video or just the thing to watch when you need some relaxation and healing.

## Learn About Neriage

This video also features the neriage technique. This technique involves mixing different clays to create a marbled or agateware look in pottery. You’ll see how we use the neriage technique to make this unique ring-shaped vase.

## Follow Our Journey

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## Watch the Process

[![Making a Ring-Shaped Flower Vase Using the Neriage Technique](](

## Transcription

Hi everyone. This time, I will demonstrate how to make a ring-shaped vase using the neriage technique. Let’s start by preparing the clay and kneading in colorant to create a uniformly colored clay.

Now that the color has been evened out, let’s do spiral wedging to remove any air that has been mixed in. This time, we will make two sizes: a small one and a large one. Let’s start to throw with the small one, and then move on to the larger one. Careful attention must be paid to the edges, as gravity tends to work and the edges are more likely to fall over and break. We had to rebuild the inside edge on the larger one. The throwing process is now finished and in the next issue, we will update the process from trimming to firing. Thank you for watching!

Music by [Giants and Pilgrims](

There is a commentary in the subtitle.
Next Process: Coming soon

Making a ring-shaped flower vase using the neriage technique. Enjoy watching the process from clay preparation to potter’s wheel with relaxing acoustic music.

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Music by: Giants and Pilgrims (

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Written by Saori M Stoneware


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  1. すごく素敵な作品と映像にウットリします!最近Twitterもフォローさせていただきました😊私もアメリカに移住予定で、将来的に陶芸をやりたいと思っています。陶芸経験があまり無いのですが、Saoriさんの動画をみて、アメリカにはこんな釉薬や色の種類があるのかと勉強になります。これからも作品とビデオ楽しみにしております!

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