Pasos para crear un centro de mesa para bodas

**Title: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Stunning DIY Wedding Centerpiece**

Welcome to Fantasias Miguel’s YouTube channel! In this video, we will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful and elegant centerpiece for your wedding. This DIY project is simple to make and requires only a few materials.

To begin, we will show you all the materials you will need for this project, as well as a handy code to easily identify them for purchase at our stores or online. We will start by attaching the ribbon to the box, leaving a centimeter of free space at the end. The ribbon will be secured with silicone, applied from one corner to the other through the center, and pressed for 10 seconds.

Continuing along the box, we will apply silicone and immediately attach the next ribbon, cutting it flush with the box. We will repeat this process until we finish this side. Next, we will paint the edges of the ribbons to match the original color of the sticks using a paintbrush and patina.

Moving on, we will cut a 4×4 centimeters foam cube and glue it to the base in the opposite corner to where the sticks are attached. With the base secure, we will arrange the flower stems, trimming them five centimeters below the leaf to create a balanced look. This step will be repeated for all the flowers.

Now, let’s prepare the pom-pom bar by cutting 30 centimeters of detail and folding the ends upward. We will secure them with thread to ensure they stay in place. Afterward, we will check each pom-pom for stability by applying pressure with our thumb. This will create spirals of different sizes.

With the base in place, we will insert the pom-pom bar to the center of the base and then arrange the roses around the foam cube to cover it completely. Once the arrangement is circular, we will add a candle, securing it with quick-drying glue on top of the sticks.

Now, let’s make the wand for the centerpiece by carefully removing the sticker and pasting it onto the foam. We will trim it flush with the sticker and then attach the clip to the tip of the wand, using silicone. The heart will be glued to the clip, ensuring it stays in place.

Next, we will wrap golden wire around the wand in a spiral shape, cutting it flush at the end. Using a ribbon, we will create a bow with four loops and secure it with silicone. The bow will be attached just below the heart. Finally, we will add a flower in the center of the arrangement and attach microfilia stems to each side of the heart.

Voila! Your stunning DIY wedding centerpiece is now complete. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and encourage you to visit Fantasias Miguel for all your crafting needs. Don’t forget to check out our stores in Mexico City, Estado de Mexico, Guadalajara, Merida, Leon, Guanajuato, Monterrey, Puebla, and Cerete. At Fantasias Miguel, we bring your ideas to life!

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Sencilla manualidad para realizar paso a paso, un centro de mesa para boda.
Miguel Mesa

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  1. Hermoso,sencillo y fácil de hacer,justo lo que estaba buscando porque dentro de unos meses es el aniversario de bodas de varios amigo y ya quiero ir preparando todo,gracias por compartir el vídeo.

  2. quien me ayuda porfavor quería hacer mis recuerdos de boda pero no me sale una tipo chonga que iba a abajo puesto que era la base que ideas me dan para poder ponerlo diferente que se vea bien y tengo las flores la maya y el vaso de vidrio son como cilindros ideas please :'(

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