PatBo backstage at SPFW Winter 2015!

**Title: Discover the Backstage of a Fashion Show at SPFW Inverno 2015 | Luli Monteleone**

Welcome to my channel! In this video, I take you behind the scenes of SPFW Inverno 2015, where I explore the backstage of the PatBo! fashion show. Join me as I reveal the truth behind the glamour of fashion week and show you what really happens during a week of fashion!

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Quer saber como é o backstage de um desfile? Ver que não tem glamour nenhum em uma semana de moda? É só dar o play e me acompanhar pelo primeiro dia de SPFW Inverno 2015, onde entrei no backstage do desfile da PatBo!

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Written by Luli Monteleone

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