Pepa Pombo Reimagined

# Pepa Pombo’s New Trends in Fashion: A Designer’s Perspective by Mónica Holguín

In this video, Mónica Holguín, an expert designer in the fashion industry, discusses with – a leading fashion and lifestyle portal – the new trends that Pepa Pombo has brought to the fashion world.

**Diseño, moda, pepa, pombo, ropa, textiles, bogota, almacen, fashion** – these are just some of the related keywords and tags that describe this exciting video. Watch as Mónica reveals the latest designs and trends in fashion and how Pepa Pombo has set the pace for the fashion industry.

Speaking of Pepa Pombo, the founder of the Pepa Pombo brand, this Colombian fashion designer champions using traditional knitting techniques in her collections. Pepa Pombo believes in creating fashion that is not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear. Every garment she designs blends the rich colors found in nature with innovative textures.

Colombia, particularly Bogota, has been one of the vanguards of the fashion industry. It’s home to many successful designers, textile companies, fashion schools, and showrooms. Pepa Pombo is one of the celebrated designers who have put Colombia on the global fashion map – that’s why we can’t wait to see what this new collection has in store for us!

**In Summary**

In this video, Mónica Holguín discusses the latest trends from Pepa Pombo with We get an insight into the designs, textiles, and factors that make the brand special. By blending traditional knitting techniques with innovative textures and bold colors, Pepa Pombo has set the pace for the fashion industry and put Colombia firmly on the global fashion map!


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Mónica Holguín habló con de las nuevas tendencias de Pepa Pombo.
Mónica Holguín

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