Pepa Pombo showcases her collection at Intermoda 78

# Enero 19 | Expo Guadalajara

**Discover the latest in fashion and business at the Intermoda Expo Guadalajara!**

Join us at the Expo Guadalajara on January 19th for a one-of-a-kind experience that combines fashion, networking, and business opportunities all in one place. Intermoda offers a platform for fashion professionals to connect, learn, and showcase their latest collections.

## Fashion Space and IM Talks
Get inspired by the Fashion Space, where top designers and industry experts share their insights through captivating conferences and talks. Discover the latest trends, strategies, and advancements in the world of fashion.

## Stunning Runway Shows
Be mesmerized by the breathtaking runway shows featuring renowned brands like Pepa Pombo. Witness the artistry and innovation behind each collection as talented models showcase the latest designs for men and women.

## A Hub for Fashion Business
Explore a myriad of business opportunities at Intermoda. Network with industry leaders, connect with potential buyers, and establish valuable connections within the fashion community. Don’t miss your chance to take your fashion business to new heights.

## Embrace the International Scene
Immerse yourself in the international atmosphere of Intermoda. Experience the convergence of diverse cultures, styles, and fashion influences from around the world. This is where fashion meets global inspiration.

Come and be part of a fashion event like no other. Enero 19 | Expo Guadalajara is your gateway to a world of fashion, style, and endless possibilities. Don’t miss out!


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Enero 19 | Expo Guadalajara.
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